The positivity of paying for a killing…

By tdf, June 6, 2022

We have been paying taxes towards mass murder,

pillage, war profiteering…

I am complicit.

We all are.

And it has all been the KILLING and BOMBING,

to line the pockets of our corporate overseers,

for too many moons…

whilst we at best awkwardly pretend that we pay to slaughter people,

somehow for their benefit???

more often forget the killing in our name,

focus on bigger TVs, better cars, more efficient BBQs…

everything other than heart, soul, awareness.

We paid to support the REIGN OF TERROR,

starting with Iraq…

There were no weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION.

we paid to bomb and slaughter hundreds of thousands,

to maime,

to destroy…

SO MUCH KILLING in Libya, in Iraq, in Yemen…in Syria, in Afghanistan….

we pay for this.

to enjoy our convenience,

as not just diminishing tribes but whole fucking countries.

are slaughtered…

as we exchange vapid cuntery of who has the bigger family,

most modern HD screens,

latest Elon Musk device….

when to delve below the topsoi

We have become unwitting monsters.

Here in Australia we pay for the US DEATH CULT,

to direct their drone strikes to tear limb from limb,

burn to death or condemn to a life of agony,

the continuation of Obama’s ‘policy’…

This killing for profit of those who own our governments,

Is now coming home.

Enough of this repeated shock therapy.


who tell us those we are torturing and dismembering,


It’s not good enough to conclude this,

without seeking any of ither side,

and focus on all of the convenience…

bigger TVs,

faster, louder cars,

find a partner who is blind to the same horror,

make kids when no love is present…

work the system,

follow the drivel trying to justify our mass murder routine in foreign lands,

pretend it doesn’t matter!

Bin Laden?

The Taliban told the US government>>>>

‘show us ANY evidence that Bin Laden was part of 9/11???’

The US said ‘we dont need evidence’.

No Worries!


as the mong sheep herds rejoiced!

We then paid to slaughter hundreds of thousands in Iraq,

Bombed Libya from the most developed to a fucking horrorshow,

from the most developed society in AFrica, to fucking slave markets.

Occupied Afghanistan to pay off the most brutal of warlords…

then when leaving,

caused even more carnage…


the most developed African state,

We were told we had to save and give ‘democracy’,

into carnage and mass internecine slaughter,

then paid to support fucking ISIS in SYria…

I am no fan of Assad,

but that is due to his religious views of homosexuals,


yet…that is far removed from the way Assad has been portrayed…

Too many to fake.

in their millions revere this man.

Thousands of people rallied in Sabaa Bahrat Square in Damascus on Wednesday in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Why are they not running for cover!!!!

Where are the BBC promoted ‘barrel bombs!’???

Only a naive at best child, chosen blinkered swine believes in the BBC…

The corporate state mass media stenographs,

have long been lying to us…

we need to consider tHIS…

We are working to pay for families in foreign lands to be blown into bloody pieces.

What do you think that system of overseers planned to do,

when they couldnt invade and pillage,

and were challenged of their supremacy?

I am ranting too vivid,

yet the first step is having more understand,

they can play as socially positive as they please,

its does fuck all to help our most heinous problem….

we pay taxes to torture and cut limb from limb thousands in foreign lands.

But don’t worry!

forget the nasty!

find others who want to speak of the footy!

Go to the gym,

serve the system, and be HAPPY

Or wake the fuck UP….















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