2013 global defense budgets

The US War Machine…

By tdf, June 23, 2014

2013 global defense budgets

2013 Global Defense Budgets

The US spends more on their military than the rest of the world combined. In terms of US global military presence..Somewhere between 800 and 1000 Military bases around the globe in 63 countries. A quarter of a million military personnel work outside of the US.

The US doctrine for some time now has been focused on global hegemony, complete control of resources and financial markets, total subordination of the world to US demands.

Those last two statements marry with ease… Why else would the US be spending more than the rest of the world combined on military matters?

I worry that so many people are so deluded that they have bought into the comical suggestion steadily spouted by the US political actors regarding the US position as the ‘leader of the international community’. It is astonishing to many to hear such tripe. For this ‘international community’ which Obama loves to talk of, basically includes the core group of US vassal states, not the majority of the world. ‘Leader of the Free world’? hohohohoho!!! Try telling that to anyone of the millions of poor bastards who have come a cropper at the hands of any of the major US allies and efforts abroad listed below…
House of Saud (major backers of majority of Sunni extremists globally, wretched human rights record)
Israeli government- Unequivocal support for one of the clearest examples of a modern apartheid in existence.

tutu israel

Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke recently on Israeli position as an apartheid state

“I am especially urging the Assembly to adopt the overture naming Israel as an apartheid state through its domestic policies and maintenance of the occupation, and the overture calling for divestment of certain companies that contribute to the occupation of the Palestinian people… “I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation. (my words) are not about delegitimizing the State of Israel, but about ending its suppression of 4,000,000 Palestinian sisters and brothers. It’s about naming an unjust system and refusing to participate in it….”

Tutu spoke recently, calling for global condemnation of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Globally revered dissident American Jew, Noam Chomksy…

“Is it an irresponsible overstatement to associate the treatment of Palestinians with this criminalized Nazi record of collective atrocity? I think not. The recent developments in Gaza are especially disturbing because they express so vividly a deliberate intention on the part of Israel and its allies to subject an entire human community to life-endangering conditions of utmost cruelty.”
Teodore Mbasago (Equatorial Guinea)

Idriss Deby (CHad)

Shah (Iran)

Jorge Ubico (Guatemala)…Also worth peeking at the CIA coup removing Jacob Arbenz and installing a succession of brutal lunatics who slaughtered a 100,000+ over the next few decades.

Effects of Agent Orange

The next time you hear Obama speak of chemical weapons, remind yourself of this picture, remind yourself of the most brutal and destructive use of chemical weapons in history.

Vietnam – 4 million civilians culled. 1.5 million military casualties. Hundreds of thousands more poisoned, diseased, malformed babies by US deployment of 12 million gallons of Agent Orange and 20m gallons of other poisons. Head to the Museum in Saigon for a more interesting version of the story than what I suspect most US folks have been led to believe…A truly harrowing experience. Especially galling to find confessions of US servicemen to civilian massacres who have gone on to have prosperous careers in US politics.

Laos –

Between the late 50s and early 70s, the US dropped more bombs on Laos than they deployed in total during WW2.

Haiti – “papa doc” Duvalier. 1959. Slaughtered 100000+ civilians with US support.


Dominican Republic -Assassination of Rafaela Trujillo, who the US supported since the 30s. Brutal dictator who had US support since the 30s. Unfortunately his business interests began to conflict with those of the US, so they popped him.

Ecuador – CIA depose democratically elected Jose Velasco, then place their own man in as the new Vice President.

Congo – CIA assassinate democratically elected Patrice Lumumba.

Dominican Republic – CIA overthrow Juan Bosch, and install right wing military junta.

Ecuador – CIA depose President Arosemana, who aim for independence is a step too far away from US policy. Military hard-liners put in power, who cancel the next elections and abuse human rights.

Brazil – CIA removes President Joao Goulart, replacing him with General Branco and the CIA death squads which cause countless atrocities over the next two decades.



Indonesia – CIA overthrow democratically elected Sukarno with military coup, paving the way into power for Suharto who the CIA aids in his bloodthirsty rampage which massacres up to a million indonesians.

Dominican Republic – Revolution is in the offing, but plans to return to power the CIA removed Juan Bosch are crushed when US Marines intervene along with the help of the CIA.

Greece – US supports removal of PM George Papandreous, as his interests failed to align with US interests.

Congo – CIA backed coup installs Mobutu as leader, who goes onto to crush the poor and steal billions from the country coffers.

1968 – CIA backed operation captures Che Guevara who is then executed by their Bolivian buddies.

1969 – Uruguay. US send CIA torturer Dan Mitrione to assist with social welfare such as torture techniques.

1970 – Cambodia. CIA removes Prince Sahounek, who was a champion of the people for keeping the country out of the Vietnam war. CIA puppet Lon Nol is placed in power, who instantly throws Cambodia into the hell of the vietnam war. The CIA move is considered to have greatly helped raise the strength of minority political parties, one of which led to the emergence of Insane Mass Murderer Pol Pot whose Khmer rouge regime put to death millions of their own people.


Boliva. CIA instigated and directed political turmoil leads to military coup which removes President Juan Torres. New man installed dictator Hugo Banzer crunches 2000 political rivals over the next two years, raping and executing the majority.


Chile- Latin America’s first democratically elected socialist President, Salvador Allende, is assassinated by the CIA due to an eagerness to halt the pillaging of Chilean resources by US business interests. CIA installs Augusto Pinochet, whose reign of terror tortured and massacred thousands of civilians.


Kissinger instigates war in Angola, supporting Jonas Sivimbi, in a war which ends the lives of over 300000.


Russia invades Afghanistan. CIA arms muslim extremists with state of the art weapons. Creates the Muhajadeen which later morphs into the Taliban. Leaves the country mired in civil war.

Nicaragua – CIA sponsored brutal dictatir Samoza II is deposed by the Sandanistas. Remnants of Samoza’s gang are moulded into Contras by the CIA who go onto to fight a lengthy war, funded by the CIA, against the Sandanista government in the 80s.

El Salvador- After growing too horrified by the continued CIA funding and support for right wing leader Roberto D’Aubisson’s military regime, Archbishop of San Salvador made a public plea to US President Jimmy Carter. A “christian to christian” plea to halt US funding for the widespread torture and murder of his countrymen. Carter decided against such a move, the good christian that he was. Soon after, D’Aubisson had Romero shot through the heart whilst delivering mass. Civil war erupts, but the good ol US of A supply huge military resources to the regime as well as training death squads which cause a series of savage massacres. By the early 90s, 60000+ civilians had been killed.


CIA begin sale of top grade weapons to Iran at questionably extortionate prices, using the profits to support and train the Contras in Nicaragua, fighting against the Sandanista government. A manual produced by the CIA ‘the freedom fighters manual’ which was distributed to the Contras included instruction on extortion, propaganda, bribery, interrogation, assassination, murder and torture. President Reagan famously quips that they will keep pressuring the Sandanistas ‘until they say Uncle’.


Honduras. Continuing the new found literary endeavour the CIA produces a training manual for the Honduran military ‘Human Resource Exploitation Training’ which they put to good use on thousands of political rivals of the ruling regime.


Nicaraguan government shoots down C-123 transport plane filled with weapons destined for the Contras. Lone survivor, Eugene Hasenfus is found to be a CIA employee, as are the two dead pilots. The plane was owned by Southern Air Front, a company owned by the US.

Haiti – The son of former US favourite Doc Duvalier, supported by the US as was his father before with his despotic reign, is facing revolt. the US rescues him and places him in plush retirement in the South of France. Rather than allow potentially anti-US forces to take power, the CIA creates the SIN whose main methods are torture and assassination.


US invades Panama to remove formerly US installed and supported General Noriega, who had been on CIA payroll since the 60s and transporting drugs in consort with the CIA. Noriega made the mistake of hoping for independence from US control.


Haiti. Jean Bertrand-Aristide, the left leaning priest leader is deposed by CIA backed military. The new leaders brualize the country forcing thousands of refugees to flee the country in make-shift boats to escape the pain. The CIA launches a campaign of propaganda questioning the mental faculties of the former leader.


Iraq. Whilst on the surface of things, the US intervention in Kuwait, with some help from the UK and other allies, appeared a rare and decent forage for liberation. However, given the Saudis pumped in close to $30bn to the war, and US interest in complete control of global resources (especially oil) beneath the honourable surface layers was found something darker and crude, worth trillions of dollars.

Saddam was, unsurprisingly a former darling of the CIA. With US encouragement he had invaded Iran in the early 80s. The eight year war effort waded by the CIA (as well as Kuwaiti loans), with the US agency beefing up the Iraqi army with top grade weapons, training, intelligence alongside the steady flow of $$$. Estimates range between 500,000 and a million deaths due to the war.

It was this powerful army, built by the CIA which allowed him to invade Kuwait and engage in further…spiteful moves.

As seems a common thread in this story of the US war machine, Saddam had made the mistake of deciding on an agenda which did not suit the US commercial interests. Nor the Saudis fundamental interests. 

If Saddam was a monster, he was a CIA created monster…

In more modern times, it hopefully requires less examination to mention the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Still…the facts remain useful for this focus.

Of the 15 hijackers who delivered the horror to the heart of the US on 9/11, 11 were Saudis. Two were from UAE, and one each from Lebanon and Egypt. The ringleader of the group apparently responsible was Osama Bin Laden, another saudi.

It would seem reasonable to assume that the US would be focused on Saudi Arabia. But why would they, when the House of Saud is a major ally of the ruling powers in the US. Instead, they focused on Al-qaeda. And Afghanistan.

Whilst it was thought that Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan, he had not accepted responsibility for the attacks. The leading regime in Afghanistan, the Taliban, made up from the Muhajadeen which the US created and funded during the 80s war with Russia, requested evidence of Bin Laden’s guilt.

After the bombing campaign began, which was illegal under international law, the Taliban yet again offered to hand over Bin Laden if evidence could be produced of his involvement in 9/11. President Bush answered with this gem…

“There is no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he is guilty”.

The facts of the matter are that no proof was found linking in Laden with 9/11 and the invasion was indisputably illegal.

Whilst losing the war in Afghanistan over the last 13 years, the CIA have of course been up to their old tricks. Re-invigorating the multi billion dollar heroin trade. Before the invasion, the Taliban had all but eradicated heroin production in Afghanistan. Yet by 2005, the CIA had overseen production not only restarted, but reaching record levels. It is no surprise that this was attributed not to the US forces, but the Taliban.

Following up the illegal invasion of Afghanistan based on non-proven allegations, the US decided to next invade Iraq. The lies used for this yet again completely illegal invasion were stunning…Bush, Powell, Rice and their cronies told the world that Saddam had a vibrant program of producing Weapons of Mass Destruction, which could be used to attack the US.

No threats had been made towards the US. No WMDs were ever fo. Hundreds of thousands killed, the country left in a bloody hellbroth of rival forces vying for control and US corporations making millions from their efforts to ‘liberate and install democracy’.

It was a clear as day rape, burn and pillage routine.

Closer to our Now, we have seen the US spout lie after lie after lie about Assad in Syria, without mentioning the obvious Iranian element, or the Saudi element, or the Russian port at Tartus. They have supplied weapons and intelligence to extremist rebel groups who have slaughtered thousands, turned the country into a warzone in many areas. And now that Assad has rid many regions of the bloodshed supported and finded by the West and Saudis, these very fighters, many of which are proudly affiliated to our ‘enemy’ Al-qaeda, have been forced into Iraq where they are running amok. 

The irony of the situation is that those Obama and his ‘international community’ (by which he means not the global majority, but US allies/Vassal States) encouraged and supported in Syria, those who massacred priests, women and children, cut out hearts for youtube videos, have now risen up in Iraq, and we must help save Iraq from them…Enemies becoming Friend becoming Enemies.

Still, it offers another opportunity for the US military-industrial complex to make more money. War is great business for the black market profiteers who run the Shite House.

As an aside…recent elections in Syria, which were deemed fair and open by many international observers, showed a huge turn-out of voters, and who did they elect, with a 88% majority victory? Not only the alleged brutal dictator Assad. Something seems amiss eh?

Finally I will broach the present support for neo-nazis in Ukraine. The military coup which ousted democratically elected President Yanukovych, was openly supported by the US. Whilst demanding that Yanukovych allowed ukranians to show their displeasure, once he was forced to stand down and escape to Russia and the new US puppets were put in place and began slaughtering their own people in the East of the country, the tune changed.

Obama and his murder of crows have praised the illegal new regime in charge, for showing restraint as they burn to death civilians, chant nazi anthems, beat to death any survivors, fire missiles at protesters, torture or kill journalists and talk of anyone against them as terrorists. Sound familiar?

The ‘invasion of Crimea’ is a joke. With up to 25000 Russian troops legally entitled to be homed at Crimea at their Sevastopol port for the Black Sea Fl not a shot fired in anger, no bodies on the ground, a legal referendum to plea for Russian Federation acceptance, and the horrors been perpetrated in Eastern Ukraine, to call the move an invasion, is not just inaccurate, it is downright propaganda.

I should leave this here, as I am finding myself quickly mired in the modern efforts at global hegemony.

Suffice to say, the above appears to clearly demonstrate the intentions, methods and consistently brutal modus operandi of the US War Machine. No doubt I have missed plenty of their efforts (mainly the false flag operations), and I am confident that only a fool could condemn the report as pathetically as ‘blah blah blah US is Evil, other countries are saints’. The death count does not lie, neither do the facts.


An obvious major difference between the British Empire and the modern US neo-imperialism is that the US powers do not seek to improve infrastructure, build roads, bridges, place social systems in place, they do not seek to impose their own homeland blueprint of government, their routine is focused on on a simple rape, pillage, burn MO. Their empire building is based solely as Death Merchants and Resource Procurement Specialists.


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