US sponsored Kiev regime sabotage plans in Crimea foiled

Early on Saturday 7th August a firefight broke out on the Isthmus of Perekop, a small strip of land which connects Ukraine to Crimea. One of the border patrol officers was put down with several others injured in what was clearly a military grade endeavour given the weapons employed and swiftness of the recovery and subsequent retreat of the invaders. Yet not all of those involved in the operation escaped back to the safety of Ukraine. With reports soon surfacing of four men wearing russian uniforms, heavily armed and on the run in Crimea, who had been unable to join their colleagues in the retreat.

Next came news of the discovery by the FSB of a cache of explosives in Armyansk. Special forces were deployed, who encountered a crowd of twenty heavily armed men. Shots were fired, and as most the explosives were dragged across the border, military vehicles appeared on the Ukraine side of the border to give covering fire to allow their kin to escape capture. And it was in this scene where four invaders escaped into Crimea. Some explosives were found and the man hunt began whilst the border was locked down.

I could make attempts to repeat the storyline, as it happened, yet the long and short of which is as follows-

The Ukrainian regime were thwarted in their attempts to plant bombs at key positions in Russian Crimea. Several of the terrorists were caught, as their path back to Ukraine when the game was up was blocked. They have since been identified as very much connected to the Kiev regime alongside offering confessions of their involvement in a plot to cause carnage.

This comes hot on the tails of a connected plot to murder the leader of the Lugansk province.

(The US deciding the make up of their puppet government in Ukraine and people think Russia were responsible?)

Clearly an offensive is underway. Which given the support of Washington for the Maidan debacle and subsequent rise of the neo nazi movement, smacks yet again of US meddling in the region. For puppets perform as their puppeteers demand.

SOT, Official (Russian): “Who were the members of the group?”

Evgeni Panov, Suspect (Russian): “The group included staff officers of the Ukrainian military intelligence. Members of the group were Alexander Kirillov with the call name ‘Kiril’; staff officer Dmitri Semyanin; Oleg Petrenko with the call name ‘Fox’; Aleksei Sandil with the call name ‘Sai’; as well as a man with the call name ‘Deshek’; and myself. The staff officers were Aleksei Sandil who holds the rank of lieutenant; Vladimir Serdyuk – captain, Dmitri and [Alexander] Kirillov were also officers, but I am not aware of their titles.” *JUMP CUT AT SOURCE*

SOT, Official (Russian): “What is the role of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence in this operation?”

Evgeni Panov, Suspect (Russian): “As far as I know, this operation was planned by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence with the help of its staff officers.”


SOT, Evgeni Panov, Suspect (Russian): “I understood the risk of this operation. According to my sources, an explosion of military hardware of the Russian Ministry of Defence was expected. Of course, there was a risk of a high death toll.”

Arrested officer of the Ukraine’s military intelligence Panov: “Oil depots, ferry lines and chemical plants were the targets of our sabotage operation )

It is no surprise that a US sponsored nazi crowd are launching attacks on Crimea, for their behaviour in disputed territories offers insight into their form…

What is a surprise, of sorts, is that Poroshenko demanded a conversation with Putin. Then referred the matter to the UN security council. The Kiev regime are thwarted in planting bombs in Crimea, then squeal to their overseers…which seem to be the rulers of the UN, namely Washington. I am unsure as to how the conversations which ensued were worded, yet my inkling is something along the lines of Russia asking the US directly ‘your pets are causing trouble, and you need to control them’.

Essentially, what has transpired is an organised terrorist attack on Crimea, directed from Kiev, likely with the support of Washington. Which failed. And I ask you, who are the terrorists?



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