Nourished by the little ones…

This week has been a bizarre collision between solace and hades. The contrast staggering. From bathing outside on the verandah of a renovated shack perched on the side of a valley, with the wilderness in every direction as far as the eye could see, gales, steam, ducks, toads, our nearest and dearest star fighting her way through the ever darkening clouds, a rainbow was found on my exposed from the steam knees and thighs, as the chairs nearby flew in tune to the wind, the branches of so many trees danced to their own rhythm, and a roaring fire burning indoors…to…an onslaught of viciousness and abuse, revelations of domestic horror, leaving me emptied of all the joy I had gleaned, and gritting my fangs, as I embarked upon a carefully considered cull. And then my corporate enterprise became sinister. My sense of self, its pride, its need to assert itself broke loose from its shackles, leading to a repetition of primary school, the headmaster and kid routine…Whilst I offered non-hearted, all mind apology for my outburst, it was born of an extension to pondering how much longer I can persist in a realm where I am expected to endure consistent bitch whispering, to play the inferior to the inferior…I do not mix well with idiots. No matter their corporate stripes, which mean so much to them, and so little to me. Yet enough of ME ME ME…I must broaden my focus to encompass the world as I know it, report from those front lines…

Before which, I must add to this record of a creature for whom everything means something, everything matters, everything is felt so super vividly, that when I find myself suffering, sensing the world is against me, that I have nowhere to turn, I do what I must to try lose myself, when I only find myself, and send love to Sally. For to feel that my love is accepted, returned, by the most sublime human I have known, is enough for me to find inspiration and to pull myself back together, to absorb the mega trauma of the homosaps, and live to fight another day…As a christian turns to the church, I turn to Sally.  Why? Because she is more honest, she is more forest, she is more loving, more forgiving, more poetic, yet of equal spiritual zeal…The closest I have or could ever know to a militant angel. A totem, For Now and Always. I feel beautifully privileged simply to feel connected, moreso accepted…

‘Your people do not feel a sense of impending danger’

The US, let us call their war machine NATO, directed by the powers which rule Washington, some of which are certainly Zionist, some are English, the rest of the PowerMongers are bankers and global corporate enterprise focused on solely profit. When I write ‘solely profit’ I mean that a nuclear war, which could bring them profit, is part of their game plan. In a world of dying profit margins, the capitalists will take what they find left to devour…

Obama has presided over what any right minded individual would accept as a savage and brutal worsening of global affairs. It sickens and appalls me to find pitifully unaware, brain washed comrades still now assuming Obama as a patron of Peace. Which makes no sense whatsoever. For he, PA to the most expansive Death Cult the world has ever known, has presided over the destruction of Libya, the continued destruction of Iraq, the humanitarian nightmare of Yemen, the creation and support and arming of ISIS, the AFRICOM death squads and yet the majority still pay him homage. They are blind. And stupid.

What comrade Vlad was intimating towards is the NATO buildup of forces on the border of Russia, the likes of which have not been seen since Operation Barbarossa. The NAZI invasion of Russia, which led to the deaths of millions.

We in the West have invaded Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, various areas of Africa…and yet where have Russia invaded? They already had 25000 troops in Crimea. Not a body was shown cold and dead for the referendum which hugely supported a return to Russian territory. Syria? Russia is the only legally, by international legal terminology, invited foreign force into Syria. Yet Russia are the threat? Because they are slicing and dicing the ISIS and al nusra death squads?

Have you not seen since BREXIT a serious and obvious surge in ‘terrorist attacks’ in which all of the suspects are killed, all of them are certain to roar and ensure is heard ‘Allahu Akbar’, conveniently carrying their passports. And then we hear the same story…They visited Syria. They were refugees. They are all dead. 

Questions to ponder…

Why are the suspects of these atrocities always killed?

Why do they all seem scripted in their Allahu Akbar routine and always carrying their passports? Like those 9/11 hijackers eh? I must cause mega carnage…and remember to take my ID?

Why do none of the ‘terrorists’ have any credible link to Daesh? When Daesh take the limelight, yet upon what evidence?

Why do the vast majority of these ‘terrorists’ seem to have been suffering isolation, depression, drug or alcohol problems, which is surely the ideal MO for any organisation eager to manipulate for their own design?

Why is the ‘front runner’ for the Presidency of the US able to continue in her apparent quest to become the spokeslady for Death Inc when she has been revealed as skanking her foes and countrymen unlawfully?

Why are we told that Russia is the major geopolitical threat to the world, when we in the West are positioning missiles and armed forces on the border of Russia?

Cui Bono? Who gains??? That is the first and last question you should be asking yourselves when flooded through every mainstream media avenue with whatever you are told. Who gains? Think about this, please.

I must step beyond those who blindly consume spoonful of shit, one after the other, then ask for more, and move towards…the most recent offerings of our boys in Syria:>>>>

Life means something to me, added to this idea, is this feeling and appreciation of life extending beyond my own nose, and family. It extends beyond my kinfolk. It extends beyond my species…when will people begin to understand that we are of the wilderness…of the wind and the rain…we are NOT something different. The rain IS us, likely more honest than many our fuckbook friends. The dance of the leaves as the breeze plucks their strings, is always more honest than most humans. And why? Why pretend? Unless we are at war with ourselves…unwitting for the most, yet for the minority…horrifying.

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