a beast to admire.

I can speak a little french, but when i listen to the above I dont try to pick up anything in linguistic translation, its all about the solidarity of energy flowing through every raging poet.

Only those who are crushed and are fighting back, fighting for anything which means something have anything of value to offer to those comparably cursed with an excess of living, or…are more animal than human. for when they speak, they mean what they say. The most dangerous of things….They have to…or their spirit is ended and their soulless frog march begins. Which is how I find most people, myself included on occasion, when a flurry of days offers me nowt but a hollow sentiment of progress of work and consume, my eyes wide open to the horror of finding my place in a system…I dont agree with in my femurs and snarl.

If I was to try translate, it would not be of any words I heard and tried to make sense of and turn into english, it would be ALL of feeling


Keny Arkana seems the right name for an escapee from Lovecraft’s Asylum.


These street thugs in verse are an uncomfortable hint of the carnage our system creates as a bi-product of our convenience and trinkets. The underbelly of our Society which we do our best to keep away from, to avert our gaze other than from a distance…easier to ponder some of our nearest tribe so fierce and yet of a pulse and pounding all fangs primal roar long lost than to hear and feel its echo is too sad to ponder and really think about…as part of us put to sleep. Fast becoming as valuable as the appendix.

Probably the best ODB track I have come across. he is feral and wild. And whilst I dont like some of the words, his delivery and flow and hustle bounce on beats is worthy of a Beast to admire.


Ive not yet met a man who I come to appreciate they have an ear for hiphop, who has suggested any Lady Poet rap. I hope some of them listen to this track. For the women are wicked on the beat and rhyme and all have zeal…Nat the Lioness is a Queen Supreme, a nubile, nubian goddess pounding her heels on Earth…yet her panther sleek zeal is met with Lex Liosis, who attacks the mike more than hundreds of men who boast of their onslaught.

The Lioness has the Womanly angle…and the Queen of the Pride angle>>>


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