divide and control…


We live in wretched times.

The same divide and conquer routine applied in foreign lands now more cunningly applied domestically. The overseers responding to the advent of mass virtual gadgetry and the many looking at their phones more than the clouds…

People more polarised into one extremism or another, their core values could well be the same, but they are given scripts and context and then told who to condemn as their enemy for adopting anything but their prescription. Surrounded by others taking the same ticket for the same self righteous fuck crusader ride…Moral high-groundery abounds ugly and expansive. Its the new control system. COntrol through division and owning all sides of the discourse. Blind all to the source.

I have met strident left wing earthy brute grunts rabid with their pounding fists against The System, who seamlessly flow into the ‘barrel bombs of Assad’ somehow not realising, that this ‘news’ has come from the same source, the same money, the same agenda, perhaps slightly concealed, as which gives them the orders and words to rage against The System…I learn of feminists who call themselves acolytes of men…I have listened to Yogi women, looked upon their tattoos of Love and Peace and Shiva and then asked them of how Women are treated in India, the heartland of Hinduism, and…same spastic lame cult script routine response with unease. Same as the Q Anon crumb crunching cult curmudgeons.

All these people are pretty much the same in how I consider their heart and values, but they differ in the regurgitation on press button command, of the script they have been led or decided to consume…the only common factor is the absence, of independent thought…or co-opting of critical thinking. We are horrified by talk of our ancestors worshipping ritual sacrifice, but talk ill of burkas when we are paying taxes to slaughter thousands…we champion the latest cause celebre on fuckbook, then follow through to grasp and promote the orders to rally and rave against what our Overseers wish. For their military warfare is now defunct, against their enemies, by which I mean other nations who refuse to bow down. Economic warfare is also tough to make work, with sanctions and dollar manipulation, Which leaves solely information warfare…

As far as I can go with that prescribed routine, shows hints of libertarianism, hints of socialism, and yet mainly at core, in stride with my essence, some haphazard paganism, some reverence, or appreciation of their power over me…to the tides and moonlight and wind and hail and morning chorus of the sparrows now summer has come…and Women.

Im losing people I thought were friends I considered my own tribe in heart and soul and value for asking them to stop calling me a fascist for encountering Jordan Peterson as curious for a week many months ago, finding nothing in the middle of people against each other but consuming their shit from the same corporate asshole. Finding those in the middle or absent of this political speculum is a rarity…

There are far more decent men than me scared to say a damn word, which they mean, but will be met with condemnation as a bigot, a fascist, a white supremacist, a racist, a product of a patriarchal society preaching male toxicity…where is any mention of female toxicity in the mainstream media?

Ive known plenty of brutal women…vicious women…toxic women…My issue with humanity is not gender coloured. No matter what I hear or am told. Yet to get into this too heavily will only press more buttons of the scripted droids, and I would like at least some of them, those few with a barely flickering synapse of critical thinking capacity, to remain and read on…

Identity politics are now mass manufactured. As are a wide and ugly cacophony of isms. And its taking effort, long overdue, to play glum and quiet and avoid reacting to souls I love when their muddled minds spout scripts I see appear all over the social media junkyard with baubles and click click quizzes and adverts for beard gel and encouragement to read such mong sheeple bullshit as ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’…a mong gospel for the mindless.

We have bigger battles to fight than assuming a man is a bigot for opening a door for a woman…and its a fight to be yourself and do right by all creatures great and small, not take up a cause mass manufactured for the Left and Right which achieves nowt other than causing divisions between people of the same damn tribe. That is the design, the concept, the machine pounding out the orders, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle, in top gear. And its those who remain strident, yet never turning on their own who nourish and inspire…as I strive to do so in turn.


Study the true poets from the front lines of writers on the edge of their wilderness.

Forgive those who have been pushed so far that they have come to exist solely on the edge of a knife, and cant help but cut you when somewhere within their hack and slash routine, they remain your kinfolk.


Go to war.

Heart and spirit pounding as one.

the Mind a passenger kept away from the control panel.


For Love

For Adventure

For True Romance

Or Revolution.


be mindful of becoming a pawn in the game,

of the scum ,

which is designed precisely to make you feel you are fighting the good fight and to stand against your own tribe.


Understand that there will be no revolution.

unless you fancy the odds at fighting against centuries of proven humanity at large…


The only revolution you have the power to create and bring forth to the world,

is a revolution and liberation of your shackles to the Pr- ISMS.


‘my intimacy, is my poetry, and lurks behind closed doors’

‘Im the left eye, youre the right, would it not be madness to fight…’

‘We have learned nothing from history…’


vicious, wild animal…


‘explain to me the price of a free soul…’


I dont care for your political views as much as I am interested in your heart and passion and if you can be trusted.



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