Find your totem animal as the weasel and scurry naked, wild, free and fury…

The blood, sweat and tears,

unerring pound and howl onwards to confront the dreams and fears.

And so…Boris ambles into the victory prance. Shows zero appreciation of the hideous wave of mass hysteria which raised him to a fake moon and placed him as Head Honcho, of a crooked system, carefully devised and disseminated as mass fakery, repeated too many times in mantra, for the many to avoid assuming is true…With the few who have any semblance of critical thinking, too busy arguing amongst themselves, to find any group home action.

This is also by design. Control the debate, control all in the debate. Why is this so hard to perceive? Ego and pride…

If you have serious ill will towards the crowd in control, and social media ranting brings you nowt joy but vapid likes on fuckbook and instacunt, organise a militia. Fuck the hearts and claps emoticons, gather your values and troops, no time to focus on gender equality or white privilege or the alt right, its values and DO WE WANT TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM FOR ITS GOING TO KILL US ALL AND OUR CHILDREN…and become a menace to this society.

If you are not prepared to do this, and still must consider yourself beyond the average foulness of humanity, then the least you must do is live wild and honest,

promote true romance,




seeking the wilderness within and without.

Do some Good and Real.

Find your totem animal as the weasel and scurry naked,


free and fury.


Chase your dreams and maybe…you will find someone dreaming the same dream.

Good luck.




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