All dreams are True,

By tdf, May 4, 2018

My barometer of poetic endeavour, the delving into the well of my own abyss and reporting every clawing of my talons as I crawl down then up, is…an elf stricken from her dimension into our realm, who has traveled far and wide seeking kinfolk, and now is to be found in her forest lair spouting HACKCORE Alien DEATH METAL gangsta rap, wearing an Alien Cone Head Shroud…

& NOW It’s time for some offensive information warfare.. Netizens of Siliconia This is Operation Showstopper – ah yeah get set to meet my digital doppelgänger – waging war on your fucking war since 1984..

Back from the grave like an electronic corpse..

Exposing the details Of all your epic fails..

So Hail Eris! & Kiss this with your RFID chip*

I’m everything that you can’t encrypt..

Waihope bound..

Cos I am not found..

Here tonight, all dressed up in pink noise Here to separate the middlemen from their kiddie killing boy toys..

So welcome to the Kill board of Dischord..

From Gitmo to Gaza all your walls will fall.. This one’s going out to NSA, & the Eye of The Dark Lord ….

I’m your Femen Fatale The Eris Assassin I’ll stab you in the Panopticon and undermine your system..

I’m an enemy of the state a poetical terrorist – Like a black water blowfish wired with a death wish..

I’m the Sea Anomie The Perfect Storm of your destruction Here to take and desecrate the means of your production..

I take your dirty dollars from your corporate pocket make shit stick to the pin wear on your white collar..

I’ll dig your digital grave I’ll slay your Corporate Cannibals Then DoS you with my meme machine and army of cute furry The chosen plutonium For your dystopian hopelessness..

A dysnomian symphony Of supernatural identity..

A trans neptunian object coming at you like liquid with my Cyber Squid ink & my Capricorn Sphinx Press delete elite delete As I eat up all your emails And suck out all the silicon from your fibre optic entrails..

I slay the skinless flesh of your avatar as I unleash the beast possessed with this death guitar

So cluster fuck the flame wars of your echo chamber..

Word of mouse on the screen says your attempt has been an epic failure..

It’s matter as fact from fiction

This is our world wide wisdom

You must have heard I’ll get the world to sign all my online petitions..

You’ll wish you never dialled my digits Like a malicious widget

But I’m the host and I’m the ghost that always goes ballistic I’ll occupy your mind & make your blog bleed

Then I’ll jihad your twit account and bring it to its knees.. 

I’m here in HD Wear malware on my sleeve

An online suicide bomb in Spectral Density

I slay the skinless flesh of your avatar as I unleash the beast possessed with this death guitar

Mainframe in the membrain Mainframe in the brain..

This is what it sounds like when bugs die..

So stand in the negative feedback loop & know that all your base are belong to us’

(Sally Louise)

ANd so, with my vitality check emerging from the Forest as branches and Muons swaying and clawing in agreement for all is fine and dandy, I move onto deeper recesses…

Love is a condition of MAN. And Emotion.

Its the Woman who causes the commotion,

adds the Wild Nature of the Wind and the Tides,

to make a potion…

to which the men prepared and able to give their all,

who are dedicated and believe enough to give their everything,

well aware that they may climb or…fall.

are beckoned,

like moths to a flame…

for these fires of sacred femininity,

spread light upon every inch of our essence,

the brave seek evermore of the Womanly presence…

for to fly naked, wild and free,

to drink of the richest wine of life,

a man needs a Woman,

to devote his everything towards,

to bow down, cherish and adore as his wife…

Image result for galactic love



the impossible dream…

She is my tempest.

She is my call to the Wild.

She is beyond the Stars and the Moon,

She is beyond Light and Dark…

I give Her all I am.

For she teaches me of my own Nature,

through her love,

through her strength,

through her devotion,

and passion…and sacred femininity.

She makes me wish to be the best Man possible of all worlds.

And for this,

she is the most powerful element in my universeX



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