Peace in the peninsula?

There has been one constant obstacle to peace in the Korean peninsula for many years; the US. Deal after deal after deal has been broken by the US, not DPRK. Even when there seemed a decent chance of some serious thawing of the ice between the North and South in 2000, the US did what they always do, they fomented regime change and put in power their man, their puppet, who in 2007 destroyed any progress made. He is now – I believe – facing jail time and the Moon who has come in his place maintains an immense popularity amongst his people precisely because he is determined to do everything in his power to seek peace.

You need to remove yourself from the headlines to have any serious chance of making any sense of global affairs. Of even fathoming a mere semblance of whag might be true…which is maddeningly tricky in the age of today, for every button we press leads back to the same, and we are all constantly pressing buttons…

Try to seek out facts, not conjecture, not carefully manufactured ‘news’ repeated ad nauseam across the atlantic, parroted on social media, the same soundbites broadcast across thousands of ‘independent’ news sources all owned and directed by the same crowd with the same agenda. They are legion and the news outlets reporting real facts, absent of a globalist agenda are a pipsqueak on a huge praire of stampeding wildebeest…by design.

Kim and his cohorts may be vicious people, hellbent on maintaining power, like every single elite posse on the planet, but evidently the leadership have acted with intelligence, far greater appreciation of the mechanics of politics than the majority can perceive and steady, unwavering resolve.

They have seen the fate of Libya and Iraq. They have seen what has befallen Syria. They have been threatened with the exact same demolition the US gave these countries, before they destroyed them. And they have responded. Achieved their goals, and now come to negotiate for peace – a peace the US desperately wish to avoid as they have demonstrated for too many years to count – from a position of strength which must be respected ( the US have 30000 troops in South KOREA and forget about THAAD, DPRK could end that country in a day…probably Japan also. They are too close to defend against without sustaining huge and long lasting damage). Yet those indoctrinated into Western ideology still bark on command (its a mark of slave to present yourself as a former US forces ‘specialist’), unwittingly, as they have been taught. Repeat the mantra they long ago stopped questioning and now have the perfect position of thinking their opinion is born independently…This is the perfect situation for the Overseers. Give people their opinion which they then regurgitate as if they came upon such a thing through their own steam. ANY power structure which wants to maintain control has this as their optimum goal. Controlled Democracy.

DC and the Pentagon and the globalist cabal (which is by now surely too obvious a power system to be discarded as some tin hat conspiracy lunacy) despise Mr Moon (South Korea leader).

The five leading death cult ‘corporations’ in the US – Rathyeon, Northrop Gumman, Boeing, General Dynamics – lost billions of $ after the recent meeting of Kim and Moon. The event was reported by the leading DC papers as a threat to US security…A proposal of peace was reported as a threat to US security. Let that sink in a moment…

A proposal of peace is a threat to US security. By which is meant, though not implied, US corporate interests…The elite who own the Shite House are corporations who make profit from WAR. They own the US government and they are in league with the same powers above or alongside the British and French governments. The rest of the so called International Community are truly vassals.

Essentially, Kim and Moon are happy to have positioned Trump to take the plaudits for the peace initiative. They might even cheerfully throw their weight behind support for him to win a Nobel peace prize…for the more Trump and the US are painted as supporting Peace, the harder it will be for them to justify their agenda for WAR.

The nuts and bolts of the situation are –

DPRK have nuclear weapons and they needed these to avoid attack from the US and losing millions more lives. They have achieved their aim of a deterrent to US led destruction. For now. And this should be pondered…the number one cause of nuclear proliferation on the planet, the number one cause of development of weapons which can seriously derail our capacity to survive, let alone thrive, is US foreign policy, which is led mainly by the Zionist regime in Israel.

They want peace with the south, for they are of the same cultural roots and there is money to be made by improving infrastructure and lessening sanctions.

DPRK have suggested they will reduce their nuclear capacity when and if the US reduces their military presence and threats to destroy them. Which means a very slow decrease in the 30000 US troops in SK, reduction in military practices designed to scare DPRK. This would only happen very gradually indeed. It is not ‘get out by sunday’. But part of a process. You give a bit, we give a bit. Which seems fair and reasonable. Yet won’t happen. The US government is owned by a cabal which makes money and exerts and maintains power through war.

Trump has been forced to involve the likes of Pompeo and Bolton and Haley, savage war-mongering zionist necons. The last thing they want is peace between North and SOuth Korea. Yet Trump needs these neocons, and faces a bother with the November (I think) internal congress or house routine…he has to bring in people with voting bloc power and appease them.

Mattis is a little more interesting. His boss pigs are harder to pinpoint and he does have some sway, as a more direct link between the pentagon and military complex and what is basically a PR mechanism; the Shite House. His agenda appears on the surface of things, not solely zionist. Which means he must have some powerful bosses elsewhere. His agenda is the same, as in global hegemony, and his targets are the same as in China and Russia. Yet he is playing the long game. He has no interest in wasting time in Syria. Would rather focus on other methods for ‘containing’ Russia and China…Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, probably DPRK. Sewing further discord between India and CHina in regards to the one belt, one road initiative. Which is a global endeavour to create trade, to improve conditions, to break past any sinister agenda and simply to make money, a new silk road traversing the globe…And further isolating Russia. Anathema to the US/zionist/Anglo power bloc.

Iran is the main name on the chopping board, hence Netenyahu’s putrid showing at the UN of late. He stands for a regime which can openly continue a slow genocide of the palestinians, can have a nuclear arsenal, unchecked by all international mechanisms, can use weapons of mass destruction as they please, can openly declare that it is unacceptable for any country to seek the means to defend itself against their bombs…You don’t need to delve deeply to understand how high up in the power structure the Zionist regime are to be found.

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel has come into direct confrontation with Iran

Nasrallah’s speech was interesting. Israel are amping up the pressure on their US pet to attack Iran. Which leads back to Mattis and his connexions to a part of the true power at large, the main hands closest to the war levers…for his stance and behaviour suggests to me at least, that its not just the zionists who rule the world and demand to maintain their rule, its more expansive than this. (as to who I cannot say…probably some old and modern Anglo and other mega money roots) Mattis represents interests which are involved with the Zionists but their scope is collectively greater….hence why he will probably try steer resources away from the lost war on Syria. Which is not to assert he is a good lad. Far from it. For he will steer those resources, at the behest of his overseers, whoever the fuck they are, towards a more direct and winnable warfare against first and foremost Russia and China, then Iran…

Enough for now. I am too happily consumed with love for my sublime pixie Queen. A true and powerful element of Nature who understands and encourages and nourishes my Wilderness, who to feel close to, to feel a part of, for her ups and downs, her beautiful bliss and painful agonies, is both a privilege which puts stars in my eyes, as well as a blessing to make me a better man, ever more hellbent on riding her storm to find Her sacred femininity worthy of my bow and devotion…Leave the news alone, live your life openly and honestly and righteously, and be open to the love of a Tempest.

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