I want to TaKE You WitH ME

Saul doesn’t need to be seen. He doesnt need to look cool. He doesnt need tribal tattoos added to his outline after middle class upbringing and having enough nous to understand it will appeal to the wannabe hippies, or a beard… He solely needs to be heard, and then felt. Which is the way of all meaningful souls as cursed with the hellbent proclivity for unwavering self expression.

Saul never fails to enthuse in me, a sensation of his SOUL SAYING…














Few have the SOul of Saul…yet many have the same zeal. SUch as a chap from here in Melbourne, who has headed to my motherland and nourished his True GRIT.

I am well read, and well written, but I cringe at myself whenever anyone suggests that my writing is too tricky, too intricate. I despise the elitism which demands you do what I do and have done to understand me. I want to express myself from the fucking femurs. Not the Balzac dictionary, or the Doctrine, or the idolatry…Why follow the words of men seeking followers, seeking control…I am no fan of doctrine. I’d rather follow my Heart…

She speaks the hippie manTRA without falling to the modern day ‘tribal’ warrior for ‘love and peace’…those fucks fight no real battles. They just look nice and sound nice/ We need them too…But they are flimsy and worthless without those prepared to grit their fangs, hold onto realistic values and defend with Everything they have and hold dear…

Do we need Sole to tell us>>>>

Love everything you do, 

do nothing half heartedly,

be what you speak…

Saul never instructs, nor leans towards doctrine, towards projection of wannabe anything but himSELF. He bares his soul.

\ To express your SOUL…your feeling and instinctive core…is the hardest thing in life, and the most beautiful. What value can be appreciated by giving anything less? SHOW YOUR SELF OR MOVE THE FUCK ON…






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