Wicked WomenPoets PaRT11111111

Other than Charlie 2na this track is savagely beautiful art.

They are gritty hippies. The tribe I feel closest to, yet never a part of. Those who howl form their depths every time they open their mouths.

In between Dub FX’s chaotic rhyme is something with a maddening pulse, and to add this to his ability, where he finds his portal from Within to Without with more purity, makes him something superb and rare and special.

Dessa is deep and powerful. Sad and solemn. And She makes me feel Women can be far closer to the wind and the tides and the moon…far more readily and totally, than most men I know and have met.

Dessa has a power through her words. More poised primal than beyond instinct towards Reason.

True, Real, Earth Rooted Devotion.

Ursula Rucker is even more special than I had up until this evening experienced. This Sometimes I song has that effect of me feeling closer to the wind in the forest, the morning chorus rehearsal of the sparrows, the Source of something natural flowing through everything. Mainly but not exclusively a feminine aspect. Their capacity for volatility feels like the thunder and lightning and wildest of tidal waves…

I wish I could interpret her words. Not to find merely words I can more easily convert to sensual, but to add understanding of the energy.

There are more of this still thankfully persisting blood line of Woman Warriors….closer to Home/

The Guenievre outlined elf.

The maternal Maniac.

And the pixie goddess who has my heart in her shadow wings.X

Who says women can’t rap? The fools…

This silent poet brings to my ears the same sounds I imagine of a flock of birds all flying as one, turning as one, swooping and diving as one, over warm air rising from calm tides in a pristine, untouched by Human Hands or Heads wilderness>

Tempest by name, tempest by Spirit

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