ALl is AfluttER

ALl is AfLuTTer…

Our society is under attack,

its subtle hidden in the megaphone VIRUS warning,

all part of the Great Reset,

which at the World Economic Forum,

heads of state, Bill Gates, other billionaires and stooges of the trillionaires,

was spoken of very clearly.

We have long lost our way.

SO few have any interest in the NAture that birthed us and maintains us,

let alone seeking honest mirrors in our accursed flock.

When any creature,

of any outline,

needs HONESTY which comes to be known as LOYALTY,

without which,

love is as close to useful a word as Neptune.

MF Grimm is a pure poet.

Everything he says is good for all time…

and he has lived and suffered beyond most.

Where has our intelligence led us?

I have read of our general condition many times over,

from the greeks and romans to the russians and french,

through the ages of 10th, 15th, 18th, 19th centuries…

all speak of the gods, or a god, and yet all speak of the prevalent horror of our natural traits.

The common problems with humanity, high and low.////

I suspect too often that most I know and meet are unable,


to accept when they are appalling.

for they are too accustomed to top soil delving.

but never mind my personal trifles,

where I realise I adore the Wild, but have become weak,

I have become too human…

The mind and spirit are otherwise brimming with zeal>


People I am meeting who find me…curious,

tell me that my expression of whatever I am,

the very same that marks me, apparently as somehow a different blade of human grass,

is what makes me overwhelming.

the grisly paradox, which often hurts to be told,

yet I need to focus on those who can somehow feel me,

instinctively relate to my bastion of innocence of a many times broken heart,

not to wail,

for who could be 41 years of age and not had their heart broken!

its more a mention of living naked, wild, free and accepting the consequences,

trying to make sense of what they can teach me and have made of me.

Yet where are the others of the same focus?

Who else finds the blizzards and wild waves of the full moon tides a flame to their need for chasing the light???

Yet…my focus is too much of the needless horror, the ugly vapid, the sterile exchanges…

of everything I am not, but keep trying to be… to find more acceptance of what I deeply despise but am surrounded by.

I need to be as calm and wild as the storm and high tides of the lunar goddess demanding devotion.

Mars has been in the night sky for weeks…how many have looked often for this magical sparkle twinkling crimson and considered there is so much more to existence than fuckbook and selfies and all trappings of this society of immense behavioural science applied manipulation to make the many incapable of anything unique…just repetition of spastic scripts.

Its possible I have become too deeply involved with the tides and wind and moon and all animals who are the same way inclined. And yet I see myself as cowardly still leaning towards the opposite of all that matters most and makes me feel so alive and amazing… I keep trying to play human, and that final vestige, wildling on a raft of twigs ramshackle pulled together with locks of my own top feathers, heading back out towards the horizon for the shallows are a dead zone… of innocence too beautifully nourished by all that is not SOCIETY and I am muddled, sad, grieving, so anxious I cannot sleep, when I should just accept the call of my Pan essence, to head to the forest and harbour some forlorn hope that a WOman will find me there, to ensorcell my Everything, to coil snakes in heat, lose all boundaries, lose each other whilst finding communion of animal desire and instinct in a cocoon so truly entangled where its impossible to find where one ends and the other begins…and why would we care to seek these outlines, for those moments of consuming bliss and wild beastly urges of our nature finding their home are the richest wine which can be drunk.

We are all animals wearing clothes. Those who marvel at Mars in the night sky and can look at the ocean and the clouds and birds above in happy wonder, I want to be close to…the rest, who are focused on selfies, and Trump v Biden, and expressing only what is found in directed script on twitter and fuckbook and instacunt…I wish them well, and bid them adieu.

The closest I can get to NAture is with a wild woman who can become my universe…


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