this feral howl of the wilderness,

By tdf, November 2, 2020

NINE is wicked, rabid and raw. With classy production…a rare find in the mega rough, from a not yet lost past of our PROGRESS…or whatever people call evolution, as progress is hard to measure, but Nine reminds me, we have some feral beast and wild poetry of humanity drowned out by the megaphone of corporate state avalanches of muddled misinformation…This way beyond the average human voice, and connected essence, offers a reminder of a spirit abounding seeming as feral as wise, his not prophetic, but incessantly as real as the forest, wind and tides, street poetry alongside the rugged Lady brief features, something lost on the many of here and most of elsewhere…

his volume increases intensity for the senses, any gentle resonance of the volatile rapids of the rivers and interesting beats, vanishes, and its pure dark skies, thunder and frightening>>>


There are few artists anywhere near the mainstream who resonate as echoes of the thunder and brutal howl of the wilderness. Nine’s voice drags me to my shadows, rouses my primal,


And somehow,

this howl of the wilderness still shaped as human,

seeping into some of the periphery of my ever alert weasel senses to what I know of our homosapien tribe,

where I dwell and lurk and saunter…

I am led into this.

Too perfect in sound, and flow, and pure ruggedness, to add any words upon….


We are muddled intentionally.

Fed from all angles,

at all hours,

on all screens,

reasons to assume others are more against us than with us…

Why dont those consuming and regurgitating these mantras of division realise?

That their direction is coming from the very same corporate elite they oppose…


All that we find on our screens by just pressing POWER ON,

is paid for,

with a clear agenda.

Jordan spread SPaceJam,

Shaquille o Neal shared the mic with Method Man…

Yet back to NINE…the beast among us, the feral howl of the wilderness…


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