Destroying Syria…

By tdf, February 4, 2016

I had thought it by now very clear indeed who are responsible for IS/ Al Nusra and their other brand names which invaded Syria, slaughtered hundreds, if not thousands, enslaving others and are now in retreat, courtesy of the assistance offered to Assad by Russia, Iran, Hizbollah and to a less clear degree the YPK and other kurd groups.

I thought it was evident many moons ago, with such obvious hints as Obama presides over – with a little help from his friends – dropping 10000 bombs in a year or so, during which IS/Al Nusra expanded their territory by three times. And also, more importantly, the policy papers publicly available of the Brookings Institute, a major composer of US Foreign Policy, such as A Road To Persia and Deconstructing Syria, which outline the exact tactics deployed. Iran are of course the next target…the nuclear deal is a ploy, to allow Clinton at some stage to say ‘we gave them every chance, bent over backwards and now they have left us no choice but to respond’…queue the ‘humanitarian intervention’ resulting in the destruction of Iran. Yet with Russia resurgent, that plan has been halted in its tracks, for the Syrian element of the plan has hit hard times…and Russian laser guided missiles.

And then the world was shown countless images of massive oil convoys moving from Syria (and IS/ Al Nusra territory in Iraq) to Turkey. Millions and millions of $$$, foreign fighters and supplies flowing into Syria and Iraq to IS/AL Nusra from our very own NATO ally, wannabe Sultan Erdogan. They get the oil, we keep them growing and armed and supplied. Russia then began bombing these convoys, cutting off both the financial gains and also continued supply to IS/Al Nusra.

IS oil convoy en-route to Turkey meets Russia…in Syria.

Soon after a russian fighter jet was taken down…by our good pal Erdogan. This is an act of War and unsurprising given the game was up for the Turks. Obama stood by Turkey…No surprise there, yet confirmed US complicity in the efforts to carve Syria apart through the use of armed foreign mercenaries, likely CIA/UK special forces trained, funded by US and its vassal states, the Turks and of course the Saudis. Also a russian civilian airliner was taken down, with the most likely culprits the grey wolves (loosely…they are a Turkish paramilitary terrorist organisation, long established).

A ceasefire is the only way, short of an open invasion of Western forces, to save IS/Al Nusra, allow them to re-open supply routes to Turkey and probably Israel, gather more arms and once more continue carving up Syria as per the Brookings Institute paper and Turkish plans to annex vast swathes of land across the border.

The Russian forces involved in Syria are massively less in number than most people seem to assume. Yet they have decimated IS and their pals, in a short space of time. Difference between the US dropping 10000 bombs and IS expanding to 3 times the territory and Russia in the space of 3-4 months cutting supply lines, the SAA/Hizbollah and Quds forces reclaiming cities, towns, highways is obvious and staggering.

In terms of Assad and his allies bombarding the Syrian population 24/7…this appears the most wonderful propaganda. Consider for a moment, the elections held in Syria in 2014. Assad won with 88% of the vote. The voter turn out was huge considering the war torn brutality of the nation, at 73%. International observers from many countries all agreed that the elections were held in a fair and open and credible fashion. This was seldom, if at all reported in the West, for obvious reasons, namely that Syria was ear-marked for destruction by NATO and its pals long ago. That kind of news – whilst immensely important – is of no value to the NATO/US cause.

Now why the devil would over 10 million Syrians vote for Assad? If he was a butcher, a savage, mass killer and crunching his own people en masse? They wouldn’t.

IS/ Al Nusra/ al qaeda and many other names for the same crowd are proxies of the West and our gulf state clients. Israel are assuredly involved as it is their neighbourhood.

In locations such as…Madaya…the West reports on ‘mass-starvation’ tactics by Assad, yet neglected to mention that Madaya was controlled by Al-Nusra, a group who crucify, burn alive, behead, enslave, rape civilians on a daily basis. The Syrian army has a choice there; to lay siege to the occupiers, savage invaders of their land and people and try liberate the City and its population or leave the population there to their fate. They could well bomb the hell out of the city, yet that would cause mass slaughter. The only choice left is to lay siege, cut off supply routes, infiltrate and break down the barriers. Is the Syrian army to blame there? For attempting to liberate the City?

One of the very few brief snippets of valuable information shared in the Western press of late was of a french woman who traveled to join IS, found the horror, managed to escape with her boy by fortune and the kindness of the Syrians. She described the cruelty and brutality of life under IS rule, that the food goes to the ‘foreign mercenaries’ and that anyone who stands up to them is instantly slaughtered, often tortured and cut into pieces…

So as you can see, comrade…I find your stance rather at odds with what I perceive, from devouring a huge amount of varied sources, a semblance of the reality of Syria.

Assad is no lapdog of Putin. The relationship between Syria and Russia extends long into history. Its merely the same NATO led war of terror on a different stage…After Iraq, Libya, Yemen.

The ‘Tyrant’ meets his end? If Tyranny is defined by improving a country from poverty to the richest in the region, by providing free health care and education for all, by creating what many have deemed the most democratic nation on Earth…which is now a bloodbath ruled by warlords…

The West, mainly the US, has huge form for creating extremely brutal islamic terror groups to do their bidding in foreign lands. We did so in Chechnya, in Libya, in Iraq and are using neo nazis instead in Ukraine. Yemen sees a similar battle between the same players.  Russia do not have major form for destroying countries, only their own, yet even the fall of the soviet union was helped along its way by the US.

We have been fucking over the Russians since they won WWII at a huge cost of lives and infrastructure. It was Russia who put down the Nazis. They could have done so without assistance, just would have taken longer, nonetheless, the victory was theirs. Not the Brits, not the US.

Secular states non servile to US interests are destroyed one after the other. If it wasn’t for Russia, I suspect there would no longer be any recognisable Syria. 

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