Final thoughts on BREXIT…

By tdf, June 23, 2016

Final thoughts on BREXIT…

There is nothing whatsoever racist or xenophobic about understanding and accepting that a country has a certain capacity for educating, policing, caring for and homing X number of people and saying let us take control to aim for X number of people who we can educate, police, care for and home. This is not a moral issue, it is a practical equation.

The NHS will be attacked!???? Yet above, you find the most likely replacement for Cameron mentioning increased funding for the NHS. Yes yes! Most politicians are corporate funded deceit merchants, yet I would rather support a Boris, and cling to a semblance of HOPE, than to believe and support the stance of Cameron, who has fared okay as PM, in terms of the english, yet is in support and at the behest of foreign powers.

Did anyone see Obama threaten England, whilst standing on English soil, next to Cameron? By all means, if you are fine and dandy with a foreign spokesman for Death Inc, destroying country and culture with alacrity, and if you support the elite economists, the elite media, the elite money men and banksters, vote REMAIN. Personally speaking, I see Obama as the mouth-piece for the banks, for the multi national corporations, a man who has presided over the most brutal carnage in many regions, the world has ever known.

People talk of how a BREXIT LEAVE vote will lead to the rise of right wing fascists, yet these parties are presently on the rise WHEN WE ARE PART OF THE EU. Its a ridiculous episode of fear mongering, trumped only by the fear mongering suggestion of world war III in Europe!

The ONLY chance of war in Europe is the EU and those in support and in subservience of NATO, agreeing to launch war games on the borders of Russia, of supporting sanctions against Russia. ANd why? Because, and here is the irony, Crimea is not allowed a referendum, yet We are, Scotland was, Kosovo was. That is agreeing to a vote of LEAVE leading to the EU saying ‘NO , go fuck your votes…YOU STAY’. Would you accept that?

Look how the EU have treated Greece…and Italy…and Spain…and Ireland…and Portugal. Are they better off under the EU?

As we are focused on the BREXIT routine, which is of value, we are blinded ever more to the TTIP…which is far more sinister, far more serious, far more worthy of our focus. The timing of matters which affect our lives is far more important than most realise.

This is without any doubt the most important deal going down in Europe and in all global realms other than those the US do not control. Do you not find the staggering drop in the price of oil, which penalises Russia, Venezuela and Iran..interesting???….who just happen to be the most obvious ‘enemies’ of the US. By ‘enemies’ I mean those countries unwilling to accept total submission to US corporate interests…Gaddaffi, Saddam Hussein, Assad…secular non aligned to US corporate interests sovereign states. We have been told that the leaders of countries we have invaded and destroyed were evil dictators…all of whom have been in power for many years. This is one thing to ponder. If you have any interest in how your wages are funding the destruction of foreign lands. Most do not…

SO let us look at our own lives. Not those killed in our name, with our taxes. Not those countries bombed, destroyed, in our name, with our taxes. How about us eh? Well TTIP will bring forth the same spiteful, black market profiteers far closer to our ‘governments’ or more sensibly stated ‘corporate spokesman’ than any of the majority ever begin to understand.

Corporate control is coming more thick and fast than the majority realise. I want the children of my sister, of my brothers and sisters I consider family, to grow up in a world where we are not slaves to corporations with solely PROFIT as their main aim.

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