There is more to Existence…

By tdf, July 2, 2016

There is more to existence…

than allowing the mass media tsunami to drown you,

surviving and thriving only to talk of the message of the wave.


than accepting and embracing Stockholm syndrome,

when our captors become our Voice.


than buying into the system we assert we see, know and despise,

through adopting THEIR terms, THEIR labels, THEIR prescribed division and opposition.


than concrete and glass and mass deceit and direction,

prison masquerading as freedom.


than the latest episode of Game of Thrones,

My Kitchen Rules or any other beckoning to dance into fairytales and divert away from the darkness of our times made fluffy.


than worshipping the Slave Gods,

when the real Gods and Goddesses are found within us all.

are found in waterfalls,

in ancient customs,

the echoes of which remain as loud as when first uttered to many cultures.





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