I find ever more narrow the listening to find the real poets of our generally appalling species closer to the cockroaches than the lions and primates of whom, we have evolved from to become the product of their primal warfare.

LoDeck…is one of this narrowing I find, and anyone found in this narrowing is intense and amazing to me.  A sense of tribe.

My pixie nieces and oscar old fang merchant hound are my only moorings to inspire from my feral essence any sense of lovely human. Other than which, all other interactions other than primal shadows roused, prove vapid and I find more value in dipping my toes in the tides as I sit on a rock and write for the Moon and Wind…where and when I escape humanity, my own included, and find such beautiful solace in the pelicans and herons flying in squadrons, tiny fish fluttering around my toes in the wintry shallows, as I sit on an ancient totem of hard solemn all bearing persistence jutting out from the ocean to provide a niche, seemingly just perfectly fit for me, on that day, at that moment… and find that part of me when on land which questions and reacts to everything, vanished, happily vanquished…and I become part of this scene with the watery sun and vague moon in the thick banks of clouds…bringing the animal to replace the human, and the animal is simply content to be part of a moment of chaotic harmony, no questions asked, no answers required, as everything makes more sense…

What I admire and relate to of this young lunatic is his awkward honesty. He makes many cringe, and so do I. Yet we always mean what we say…and this is something rare with humanity, for good and ill…something I value hugely and always.


And to move onto something more fun, with bounce and playfulness, echoes of cypress hill but less focused on the greenery, more the latino rhythm and wicked flow>>>

And then for some comedy value alongside more bounce….

In these most testing of times, I need more than Rugged man painted as the skittle merchant bumble spastics…some more obvious depth with the bounce…anything which sounds this good absent of the ugly vanity abounding elsewhere in the scene is a pleasant reminder, of how good we can all be if we try and are brave enough….

And I cannot end this voyage through sound and sporadic poetic ramblings, without sharing the one artist who not only has amazed me with his brazen honesty, his heart and soul expressed as one on beats he was born by the stars and moon to avalanche upon…but also, responded so sincerely to my words of reverence from afar, this very night. Truly, a man of the nature I yearn to become more than reveal myself of solely in flashes and in communion with the wind and the tides…He is a flow of the breeze through the branches and leaves, a soul of the earth, with much to say and all to mean…

Show who you really are
Moon eclipsing the star
But Cise one reborn scorned by human flaws
So who is this saying that money is bliss?
Your logic remiss

Finally…hardly hidden in the mega rough, yet still wicked>>>

ANd the song I love to dance to for my pixie nieces, who are always appalled, yet…I rage against the tides of 7 and 9 year old shame of their weird Uncle, and tell them their dance teacher has invited me to teach them this in their next lesson, and they will perform with me at the next show…

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