GeMs In ThE mEgA ROuGH – POS. Dedicated to TruTH

By tdf, January 18, 2020

Its getting harder to find artists who are producing anything I consider ARt. The vast majority are playing to and for the crowd, with little to offer in terms of inspiration or wisdom, just lots of tattoos and slithers of tired platitudes, alongside sickening vanity and vapid references to societal fads and norms… So I keep heading back in Time.

POS is one of those emcees, more a poet finding his output loud enough to reach me when given hippetyhop beats, who gets better with time. For the longer it goes before remembering his essence, the more special he becomes when we regain collision and connection.

There is a clear distinction emerging within humanity.

Many separations really.

A chasm.

which can never be bridged,

for one is honest and feral and real,

the other contrived, artificial, echoes of what ‘artists’ have heard and know others will applaud,

when they hear it again.

As for POS…time traveling through his catalogue of essential rage and raucous poetry…Even when a label, a producer, attempts to smooth him out into linear palatable for the masses product, he remains unable, unstable, unwilling or sleeper cell…’yes, boss, Ill do it your way’…and still comes across as berserk and wild.

His Art cannot be constrained, ironed out into the mainstream, the rugged bard told to play mumble rap and call himself Lil POS…You cannot ask him to be anything other than what he is and must be. He is His Nature. ALways.

Wicked to find him with SLug…another who has always rhymed what he means. And whilst I have always felt kinship with the white guy, when our hands and eyes have met;….POS…his poetry is deeper, more potent, and pounds with his Truth. He makes me stand up and listen. ANd is not seeking applause. He is seeking revival and recognition of the spirit which thrives in him and in many of us stuck in the system and yet accepting, becoming, someone we are told to be, not who we are…He is Demanding We Stand up and Become More than soulless symptoms of SOciety.

There is rage, there is hope, there is heart…not tempered, just given brief chance to reveal its still there, for all that matters in this fight of the Heartless v the WILD… is the drive of the Spirit.

He feels always honest as the forest. Which I feel of so very few, of the thousands I meet, the hundreds of thousands I find on a screen, the millions I find in our history…. Its not our nature or nurture or demand of SOciety, which placates soft courage and makes people feel proud for buying what they are told to, especially when its charged with a fashionable morality, encouraging use of prescribed memes ‘virtue signalling’…’group think’…’gaslighting’…Only a mindless moron believes we need more, not less words. For maybe Burroughs was Right, in that Word is Virus. We shouldnt have emerged from our caves, for we have gone so fucking wrong…we have lost our primal nature, become a self righteous symptom of a sick world of humanity…

Honesty is currency to most.

The telltale sign of this is when you show some honesty to a friend, and they are aghast, appalled, condemning you with all the modern memes,

a protective spell spun with webs of online virtuosity,

which mean nothing.

POS means something. He is a dedicated to Truth kinda chap…


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