gEms In The MEga ROugH: I am vaguely fearful of becoming a good corporate citizen,

By tdf, May 15, 2021

I I I I I I I I I…too many sentences and conversations are leading and revolving around this. Time to report from the WIthout. ANd sharing these obscure offerings from the shadows of a realm which has become all topsoil mong, feels like a good deed.

Sess is perhaps the most hidden in history emcee of mega potency I have known. All of the crowd around him back in those days fed off his energy and beyond human limitation bounding of bounce and verse. He raised them above what they knew possible.

EYeDea…probably the closest to my own weird frequency of any rapper. Yet I only met and knew a little SLug, whose heart I have.

From megamouth poet to…heavy bard>>>

Eyedea is a world onto himself and his art…the call of more, still quick to pounce and consume me, from old times>>>


With seeking and reading what might inspire me…I have moved from Hoffman to Poe, neither enliven me like ANgela Carter’s fairytales…a feminist of her time, one I can adore through time…a different soul to those of the majority of these…terrible times, where we can but seek joy and mischief and try hard to turn away from the droids with no primal wild howl alive within them.

I am vaguely fearful of becoming a good corporate citizen,

cant find the value of bigger gardens,

and wider plasma TVs,

and footy,

and marriages of biological convenience of people who despise each other,

fuck now and then but otherwise have no real connection…

and I see mainly,

through my quest for cocoon with a Woman,

advertised passion for coffee or eating promoted on a dating profile,

and been told i am ‘quite spiritual’,

who does that leave to mix with?

RA the Rugged man is more often found more playful, yet his depth ever remains…

which leads somehow, onto Lif>>>

Lif was fiercely delivering truth many moons ago.

Its too late now.

This echoes and seeps into my furrowed human brow…

We long declared generally unwitting WAR on Nature,

our connection to that nature,

to our nature.

was part of what we unwittingly were led to throw away,

perceive narrowly as fuel to be burned,

to fire our prescribed idea of Life…


I like to believe there are others.

Like me who feel more kinship, more comfortably with butterflies and possums and mice,

than our fellow homosapiens.

And they exist but keep quiet,

or find a group of frauds and get carried away with the vapid self serving fraud tides/

You doing Yoga just to look the part…



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