How far will this go?

By tdf, December 11, 2015


Whilst the french sing ALLEZ LES BLEUS and recover from a ‘terrorist attack’ and show support for their finest fascists, as their civil rights are eroded, none the wiser en-masse, of their own unwitting complicity in the worst of the world’s traumas, our fine Overseers of the Western Empire have been hard at work elsewhere…

In Mali, the recent ‘terrorist attack’ wrought upon the Radisson hotel in Bamako, clearly targeted high ranking Chinese businessman from the China Railway Construction Company and representatives of Russian airline Volga-Dnepr, both of which are involved in huge investment from China and Russia in the African state.

Does this seem to you like a man reading from a telecaster? Repeating a carefully conjured script? Or a man speaking passionately and fervently?

In the 90s Russia stopped completely sending planes armed with nuclear weapons further afield. Yet the US continued to encircle us, with bombs. What are the US forces doing in Europe with nuclear weapons?

Russia has two military bases in foreign lands, the US has 800…Who is the aggressor here?

Our military budget is $50m, the military budget of the US if $575m. And we are the aggressor? Have you no common sense?

Is it us putting our forces on the border of the US or other states? Or is it NATO…the repeated answer we get is ‘each country can choose its own security measures’ . very well, so we will.

Who was it that exited the treaty which was vital to system of international security?Was it us? No it was the United States…And now they are turning their missiles towards us, from next door. from poland. from romania…are we the aggressor here? “

At every juncture, this Western ruled power bloc, which I will refer to as Death Inc, continues to push Russia. Every attempt at de-escalation by Russia is not met with the same, not in the slightest, it is seen as weakness by Death Inc, and results in more pushing.

How far will this go?

It seems that Syria has become a staging ground for World War III. As to why, why, fucking why??? The scene is complicated.

Energy resources are the major factor¬†for the Western elements of the real players in this game of Death and Profit. For Syria not only has far more oil and gas, much of it off shore, than was earlier realised, but more importantly it has been suggested as the major transit route for gas from the Middle East to Europe. The present major supplier is of course…Russia. Added reason to skank Ukraine, light fires in Russia’s back yard. Whilst adding NATO presence around the borders of the only country likely to return to the world stage as a Super Power to challenge the Unipolar routine of the Western Empire.

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All of which makes perfect sense. Yet there is another factor, or three, to contend with, which all just so happen to fall into the aims of those set to gain or lose in the above analyses of transit routes for energy through and from Syria.

Does anyone else not find it rather strange that Israel are quiet, have apparently, if the MSM is to be believed, no interest or involvement in the most brutal war of our times, waged by the powers of the region and the greater powers of the world, on their fucking doorstep?

A few people to whom I have broached this question have responded, like…lemmings.

‘nobody fucks with ISrael…’ blah blah blah.

Are we to believe that an organisation, hellbent on global islamist fundamentalism, who have ear-marked their caliphate growing to the shores of Spain and beyond, are scared of Israel, and will bypass them quietly? Well, I find that not just hard, but impossible to believe. Far more likely an explanation is that Israel are complicit in their support of IS and AL Nusra and their other brand names. And the Zionist project of Greater Israel is right on track…

We also have take on board the Sunni/ Shia fault lines. Yet this seems more a cozy narrative, an attempt to simplify, rather than explain the core reasons for the horror.

SO…to recap…we have energy resources and their transit routes, trillions of dollars worth…we have the Zionist project for Greater Israel…which seem the two most prominent factors. We also have the Sunni/SHia animosity.

I could and should delve into Ukraine, Yemen and Mali, where the same factions are fighting the same battle, mainly, via their proxies, yet this haphazard muttering must remain focused on Syria…

During this last week, Turkey have taken down a Russian fighter jet. Which is an act of War. No evidence has been produced to suggest the Russian plane entered Turkish air-space, for the alleged 17 seconds, or that any warnings were given. Yet this is a mute point, for are Turkey, our NATO allies, not supposed to be fighting IS, as the Russians are doing? Well, considering the Turks are purchasing huge amounts of oil from IS, supplying money and jihadists and surely other supplies, it makes more sense to believe that wannabe Sultan Erdogan was under NATO orders and was attempting to provoke Russia.

Next, we learn that Turkey are purchasing IS oil…

Then, Turkey invade Iraq and begin building an airbase…

And most recently, US forces attack the Syrian Army…

There is much more to this story. Yet to those with seeing eyes and even half thinking minds, an escalation is in progress in Syria.

The Western psychopaths are pushing Russia in every way possible. It is fanciful to believe that Turkey took down that plane without direct orders from the US(NATO leaders). At every attempt to provoke, Russia move to de-escalate and avoid direct confrontation. The problem here is that this is seen by the West as weakness. And they push more.

Whilst I worry, more seriously than ever before, that NATO and their banksters are hellbent on doing exactly as they have expressed, openly…namely, destroying Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Sudan, Iraq…and when looking at the sides aligned against each other, its easy to assume that Russia/Iran/China/Syria/Hizbollah will lose this war…still, if there is one thing I know of the Russians it is that they have strategy. Vlad knows what he is doing.

The Russians may have hoped for the Europeans to see the light, to step away from US vassal state allegiance, which has failed, at least this far, but I doubt they are banking on it. Putin is a master strategist. He entered Syria without NATO stopping him. He has gone on to reveal the financial support of Turkey, crunched IS and Al Nusra, and surely  has a response for anything which NATO can throw at his country and people.

What is for certain is that Russia are prepared. AND that NATO will not stop. This leads to a situation where Russia will have zero option but to respond, directly, to NATO. I have no idea how this will manifest. Yet I am sure that Vlad does.


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