I am closer to sucking the teet of the lower levels of the SYSTEM I FUCKING DESPISE,

finding gold added to my pockets for competing ‘mandatory learning’.

with such challenging questions as

‘should you report a kiddie fiddler to the police?’

when i am staring at the screen wondering when will appear the option to select ‘cut their fucking heads off?’

yet there is worse,

and all is part and parcel of  the issues encountered of a feral weasel man deeply embedded in the SCUM…

I have never been this far gone, but understand>>>>

These people…

so involved and blinded to anything else,

of a corporate/state funded prescription of morality.

mass disseminated across what too many have come to assume is the platform of NEWS and REALITY,

losing their fuckbook accounts then writing an ode to FACEBOOK,

Twitter bans Trump and people whine of free speech…


I am forced ever nearer towards,

tasked to play nice with…


As I cannot be around corporate aMORAL cunts without baring some semblance of FANGS….

Good corporate Citizen does not me naturally.

‘the terrorism of american exceptionalism’…

Americans don’t care. Because they are told different stories…

Brits and Aussies and Canadians who have no time or capacity for critical thinking,

all go with the flow,

wave away their rights to any liberty,

cast off and ignore the pulse of our NATURE found in the rough parts and our shadows….

This spirit…

how has it been culled and demonised as we have all bought into our virtual causes,

which are directed by….

billionaire corporate interests long associated with the STATE.

I need to get back to this reminder of how wild and real and true, strangers can be.

Most I meet seem a robot reading a script,

those who have learned to love who they can and get paid to be a human shape,

but exhibit none of the vital spirit I seek to find and embrace,

I respect,

yet my spirit cannot love them

it despises them And despises me in turn as coward of an era when it is easier than for aeons,

to be a hero….

All my heroes are far removed from where I find myself,

as a fraud…

not quite,

for my obligations are of love and nurture.

Mother says I have failed in my life,

my sister echoes the same,

and i realise more how different I am to them,

my own blood,

my nature…

ive been nurtured by urban wolves outlined homosapien.

I have sought such feral fiends here,

found few,

and settled into a spiritually DEAD society,

fighting to annotate spreadsheets,

avoid the corporate court martial…

I miss being a fishmonger…

and am too long pretending,

too far away of the wilderness I instantly adore.

Where can I find those who have escaped their shell and are all slug of essence?

who have no scripted bullshit moron routine to play the drone with SOCIETY?

:what the fuck am I holding back for???

as I fail yet try to embrace the somnambulism…

Blueprint keeps waking me up>>>

Blueprint’s heartfelt essence bared with wicked bounce…

All has narrowed and refused his tribe entry.


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