So what can we do?

Assange got crunched, and will likely be water-boarded in the US with total, unwavering, unshakeable complicity from our governments.

We can march against this…as in, attend organised walking tours of vainglorious value, which will achieve nothing to help the cause we raise on our banners. Its just ballcupping moral high groundery.

So what can we do? Accept that there are powers we can not fight unless we are prepared to die for our cause. Make the most of our lot, which is in the Westernised nations more often than not opportunity to find and embrace the wilderness, and to earn a roof over your head and food on the table and the chance to CREATE and SHARE your line of enquiry into the art and horror of humanity.

I am not going to encourage open warfare against forces that can crush me, and neither is anyone else who places any value on their life. The furthest I can go is to highlight the crimes I am cowardly and complicit towards, for I know a hint of the true cost of this life I have been gifted. I know its built on bloodletting and suffering. I know its perpetuated on endless war and mass murder and torture. I know I can do more to effect any meaningful change by offering an opinion and ensuring people take a moment to consider my opinion through maintaining a steadfast for good and ill stance of HONEST AS THE FOREST.

We are living in the most savagely counter-revolutionary times in recorded history. Precisely because the corporate and savage sociopaths who own our systems are finding opposition…And this opposition is not QANON, nor is it facebook groups of ‘anarchists’ using the Washington Post as sources for news, nor is it those found in the organised marches who solely offer the well paid crack troops chance to play with their pepper spray…

It still bothers me for the very few humans I know enough to not despise or fear to be engaging in their marches, when I know it will achieve nothing, and I understand their chorus of ‘YOU ARE DOING NOTHING. WE ARE!’..and it saddens me, for I have serious concern for my Now and for anyone oppressed. I want to use my zeal for something good and yet I find that not my art, but how I behave to the world is more effective than any social media broadcast… How far I am willing to go, is probably contained in this haphazard delivery of tappety tap from within. Its not far, beyond my capacity to thrive.

We are not living in times where collective rebellion is possible to lead to furthering our aims for a better world. Yet some of us, most in the West, most here in Melbourne, or in the US or in the UK or in Canada, have the capacity to embrace Nature, to dance naked in the shallows under the glare of the full moon, to be decent to everyone, to be honest, to not bow to the mainstream message of LIE TO EVERYONE! STICK TO THE SCRIPT!…its a big enough effort for me to find people simply being honest and passionate and avoiding following any advertised, manufactured cause celebre…Those people who mean what they say, mean what they do, and are never playing to any crowd. They are the ones who can challenge me and help me grow, and also, make me feel less alone.

How many people do you come across, even when you look in the mirror, who mean what they say? Whose words you can always trust?

We assert our support for fixing the world when we cannot even find honesty in the mirror…

This is what bothers me and is connected to why I try swim in the ocean every week, chase the thunder, walk in the wind and raise my old face to the rain…Humanity has become manufactured. The dissent is manufactured. The pride is manufactured. The Vanity is manufactured. I keep steady focus on my own path of travel and sicken myself when I look back at the last few seconds and find any hint of affectation or swindling…which is often. For I rarely meet the standards I demand of others.

In terms of what can be done about this…Id rather try enjoy life and nature and women and adventure and seek honest souls…than throw my chaotic chance of existence into futility. Im sorry for those oppressed, Im sorry I cannot help, but perhaps making the most of my own opportunities is not as simply explained as selfish…

And so I’ll continue to play the sad clown. My appreciation of Life as chaos and brutality and fleeting moments of joy and bliss to those fortunate enough to find them and to be able to enjoy and embrace them…I’ll keep seeking other humans and animals who come to know me and offer a warmth and openness which is as rare and precious as the waves reaching up towards the moon when its glare is full and wild and uncompromising.


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