By tdf, July 16, 2021


From whom and where do we glean this idea?

we all have biological needs and yearnings, to fuck, to fight,,,but what else?

We also have a mind, and perhaps…a spirit….

and some of us can still dream in our wake and seek fairytales…

many say we are advanced beyond the animals we are taught to consider below us,

yet who would fight a lioness, without a shotgun???

The reason why I mention the shotgun,

is that we have very much made insane technological progress.

Yet the best application of this advance,

very much connected to our alleged intelligence above the rest of the animal kingdom,

serves the rich.Not the many…

the corporate and connected political class.

Its not universal health care,

our discoveries shared for the good of all.

Our evolutionary path has led to our overseers lying to us more,

casting mass propaganda spells of division,

ever more controlling the narrative,

and working with corporate partners to end free speech.

\and any of that danger reaching the many…


I am faced with a lion?

I am average rich, and have no guns,

the police will come after I am mauled to pieces, eaten alive…

and do nowt.


Now much of the world is well below average rich.

disease and famine the main threat,

alongside poverty

let alone The Lion…

for Nature has been long pushed to the periphery,

other than the insects…

So I imagine that it is much worse a mega threat for survival,

for Lions or disease in foreign, less inclusive of any socialist element realms.

and yet overall,

more here than there,

millions, billions moved away from their animal,

yet forced when not getting the same advantages of their overseers,

to become more animal.

yet the system is devised to keep us deaf dumb and blind…

Are we really more intelligent than ALL other life we know?

to have evolved into a system keeping the many cowed and dumb and forced to lean to feral or accepting ever worse erosion of their liberty,

as the 1% snort lines of fine white powder off the thighs of their aides on the boards of the corporations they pay from OUR TAXES  and decide our future to meet their profit margin?

How else has our apparent intelligence helped the world?

We can make and all of us pay for>>> mega carnage,

We have become a species more focused on screens than trees and the sky and ocean and moon,

May be an illustration

we in the West contribute to the mass murder and destruction wrought on foreign lands,

have been directed by the propaganda machine to DIVIDE,

find more reasons to hate each other than love each other,

all of which is part of the scheme, the plan…

Millions still herald Obama as a hero of the people!

A man who whilst playing head clerk to the corporate overseers,

signed off on >>

a daily kill list with families blown to bloody pieces,

the destruction of Syria, of Libya, of Yemen,

with thousands maimed and slaughtered, millions of lives ruined…

as he made jokes at 100k per ticket dinners of sending drone strikes to bands his daughters liked.

A true progressive eh!

Let us have more fun!

The state and ALL of the corporate media has long been lying to us.

They lied of Saddam,

They lied of Gaddffi,

They lied of Assad…

and we all paid to DESTROY those countries and cultures….

What can we do?

play, love, fuck, lust, seek adventure, travel, BE HONEST…

work to make yourself a Warrior against the SYSTEM,

or BECOME a lover.

They are the only choices.

All that lies between is compromise,

for yourself,

for your children.

We could be united.

We could all come together to overthrow the Overseers,

The Mayans somehow managed it,

when forced to offer up their loved little ones,

to have their heads chopped…./

Surely enough of us can realise the lies?

Can see the encouragement to know your neighbour as THE ENEMY,

when the source behind this mega, constant broadcast

is getting scared….



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