SUndAY NiGHT PReparATions To ReTuRN To THe CItaDEl

By tdf, July 16, 2017

We can seek and embrace the cynicism, we can accept the world is a horrible place and bear the same arms of those who find power and success, and use these weapons to seek the same ends.

We can condone our species, our scourge of the Earth and beyond, for our emissions spread well beyond our own solar system, and our message is heard, by nobody knows what…

We can fight the good fight, roar and rage against the obvious enemies within our own ranks, leading us astray into paying into a system whose slogan is ‘PEACE THROUGH BOMBS AND MASS GRAVES’.

We can write crescendos of global doom-mongery, feeling we are doing something useful by spreading poison wrapped up as ‘social commentary’.

We can focus on the woes, which then become us, when we am to highlight the horror, find others who howl with the same grief at our mangled reality.

We can look at the world around us as a bee hive, and see the Queen as a l.uciferian savage.

We can look at the banksters, follow them near to their highest echelons and find ritual sacrifice.

We can lean to assuming we are animals and that all animals are cruel, vicious brutes…which makes no sense of any creature on Earth, even the damn sharks…(maybe the crocodiles and scorpions…but even they have their place in Nature).


We can travel, we can seek out the eden which has only ever been found in us, our lives, our times, our species…(NB…If you are already a creature of honesty, passion and true heart in all that matters, then no need to travel)

We can open our cold, closed hearts, meet the world with hope blazing a trail beyond understandable, warranted, healthy cynicism.

We can teach ourselves to show Love, which is at its root and core, Understanding, Acceptance and Respect.

We can reaffirm our birth vows, taken when Nature delivered us from Nothingness to Everything, by heading into the wilderness, swimming naked in lakes, dancing in the rain, reviving the Nature within us by removing ourselves from a realm of fakery and agony, to head to the forest…hear the breeze playing its own gorgeous and vital symphony through the cymbal leaves in the trees….Marvel at the pounding of the waves of the ocean regaining its daily devotion to marrying the land….Find something of ourselves in the morning chorus of the first sparrow of Spring, who is merely rehearsing…

We can learn from the butterflies and the honey badgers…Yet more readily and easily, we can learn from each other.

We can find –  and then need be never anything other than –  ourselves.



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