This is a man (and country) we paid to kill…

By tdf, July 23, 2017

Gaddafi was a crazed and if pushed, dangerous man. He was a fanatic who not just enjoyed Total Power over his kingdom, he grew to need it, as all great despots lean to. As their command grows to such a tidal wave, that none stand in its path.

However…sometimes these men who find themselves in such a position – especially those who through birth and poor fortune, have fought fang and claw and howl for every inch –  have some goodness in their heart….And Gaddafi seems by many measures, even by our own World Health Organisation consideration…a crowd very much paid for by the West, and seemingly, on fleeting occasions, morally upright…a man of good heart.

(Gaddafi came from a family of nomadic goat herders in the desert…who grew up needing to be smart through the occupation of his country)

Watch this video, and bear in mind that we paid to kill this man…alongside hundreds of thousands of his people, leaving the country maimed, a non contiguously connected series of tribal warlords and mentalists.

There is no Libya now. We killed it. And yet the man we paid towards seeing buggered to death with a bayonet appears to have been a force of Good for his people, immensely so…when pondering the sphere of Libya and the near beyond in comparison.

No time to delve deeper into the major financial ‘winners’ of that cataclysmic razing to the ground of a society which had amazing health care, education, literacy, ever dropping child mortality rate, ever growing life expectancy….nor of the total absence of IMF debt…or of Gaddafi’s plans to help nearby African states avoid menacing IMF debt and share a currency, free-market their economies and try to do some good for the region…for to explain as to why Africa’s richest, most progressive – from a socialist telescope – Society, was bombed into oblivion…would take more minutes than are left of my wakefulness, on this wet, yet mild SUnday evening in the garden.

Please…just watch the video. And other than pondering why the alleged ‘leader of the free world’ has to appear in public with snipers and bullet proof windows and secret service and police and hired goons as a major part of the crowd, when Gaddafi was lunatic happy to appear out of a 4W4 in Tripoli, roaring in response to his people in close quarters, any one of whom could have shot him, even stabbed or throttled him,  if they felt any serious enough horror at his rule…I implore you to kindly focus on the more meaningful offerings, facts shared, which are all useful indicators of how a man rules>>>


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