I am guilty as any other…

I am as guilty as any other…

I focus too much on the war which so few are willing to accept is already raging, let alone are aware enough to know it needs to be fought and can only be fought by us…

We are being poorly treated,

We are paying taxes towards a steady decline of our liberty and return on our investment of labour.

We are paying taxes towards a global war machine which is responsible for mass slaughter, waged in the name of mass deceit.

We are paying taxes towards and contributing to a system which at the top, is working indefatigably towards the destruction of any possibility of organised human survival.

We are giving our vitality to a system which wages war not for Justice, not for Democracy, but for profit for our overseers.

We are poisoning the planet, the only place we are aware of in the universe we can call home.

We are courting nuclear apocalypse.

It is the last two statements which are of any value. For these are the most obvious and more real than many than most assume or believe threatens…not just the survival of those expected to live another decade or four, but their offspring beyond them. WHich is why…whilst I can understand the conclusion of ‘humanity has always been terrible, nothing will ever change’ manifests…but what matters more, is that we have never found ourselves in the situation we presently face.

Namely, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and global warfare leading to one horrific end. And the steady realisation of living as if resources were infinite, in a finite existence.

Putin mentions the same threats. Partly why he has banned genetically modified crops in Russia.

Al Gore has been banging on about the more worrying of these same threats for many years. And when Noam CHomsky, undoubtedly the most intelligent man – by which I mean knowledgable and aware – I have come across, outlines not just the same threats, but adds that environmental catastrophe will meet us head on within the next decade or so, I listen…And feel my respect for Sally Elf brilliantly nourished.

Its the same threat, the same enemy, but whilst Profit needs a host, global carnage, Nature gone berserk, resorting to emergency measures which only the small islands and countless beasts who have long survived on the ice can attest to…as savage destruction of their capacity to survive; mainly the voiceless. The poor and polar bears.

I am writing not just of human upon human carnage.

In light of my long trodden paths, it would be reasonable to make this assumption. However, I am casting my net further afield, towards the survival of myself in the near future and my nieces beyond that…I am writing of the challenge we face as a whole species, beyond the bombs and non binary, anti-CIS efforts at encouraging dissolving of any remnants, the final bastions of solidarity, and pointing instead at the sea levels rising, the ice melting, the temperature reaching ever upwards, which is already causing mass carnage, and if left unchecked, if avoided as we turn more towards my Kitchen Rules and The Bachelor and football, it will kill our children…if it doesnt kill us first. And there will be no more place to call home.

Some will survive, as they always do, but the planet will be set on not a survival routine but a reactionary routine…which will not in any way pay any attention towards or show interest in humanity…Nature is the only God we know for sure, a force more powerful any of us…Which is fortunate, for if it did recognise humanity, if the Earth had a Soul, an Awareness, it would see humanity as the unavoidably obvious cause of the global agony manifesting as storms, gales, fires, earthquakes, tidal waves…all of which will end much life on the planet we call home.

The problem is that we have accepted as overseers a crowd of black market profiteers of varying levels of savagery, who own the media, who own the military machine, who own the banks, who own the governments. And they might have an escape shuttle to MArs.

Regardless of such cogitation, they do not give a fuck about you or me or the rivers or the soil, and given their prime aim is Profit and the power it breeds, they assuredly will do everything possible to attack, to discredit, to destroy, ANYTHING which negatively affects their profit.

I know of only one human who is well aware of this, who knows that both major threats come from the same system, and rather than wage poetic warfare, She is forging a self sustaining niche in New Zealand…She has more of my respect, which is the root of all love, than any other on Earth, of the human flock…

STephen Hawkings suggests the worst case scenario is ‘that the Earth would become likes Venus, with a temperature of 250 centigrade, and raining sulphuric acid…the human race could not survive in those conditions’

the world is already aflame…you can hear the howl of those burning with deep zeal to fight back if you shake yourself free of the shackles of the herded…then you can feel this>>>

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