The RED ARMY will strike again! Run for cover!

What has proven disheartening of my travels through Eastern Europe is to have found the free walking tour guides promoting the same rhetoric as we are given further West. I am talking or the ‘threat’ of Russia.

Even with the brutality and savage genocide delivered by the Nazis, the Germans are not considered a threat or enemy, more a friend, to grasp towards whilst Russia is constantly spoken of as a major threat, as ‘invading UKraine’ as ‘stealing Crimea’ and yet much of this is predicated on an echo of the SOviet Union, which won WWII yet also crunched millions of the Russ…Yes the same horror was extremely painful to many in the Baltics. I understand why those connected to that era in any meaningful way would easily assume the Russian Federation is the SOviet Union. Regardless of the very obvious fundamental differences. What is truly saddening is how the younger generations have moved past that to embrace the US/ Western mainstream mantra…As in, Putin is a mad killer, a tyrant, with zero respect for human rights…

How many of these people have visited Russia?

I have made effort to meet locals, asked meaningful questions and learned pretty much the same story found in every capitalist realm on the planet…As in, the cities, the capital and other major financial centres are thriving, and yet to move a mile or ten outside of there reveals a decaying, deprived society, with the gap between rich and poor ever widening.

Russia felt no different. Moscow especially was en par with the most superb cities I have visited on Earth. I saw art erupting ubiquitously. Huge, sprawling public parks. Music. Food, Buskers. Lovers. No oppression was in any way apparent…I even saw an anti Putin ‘rally’ in the far more hipster yet still gritty St Petersburg…stood around a while, saw two coppers appear, who looked upon the demonstrators, lit each other’s cigs, then headed to the Hells Angels gathering, where problems were far more likely to appear…

In Moscow, I met two academics…they were not horrified by my opinion of Putin, yet took it fine as I explained I see from 8000 miles away and focus more on foreign policy, and after showing me Bulgakov’s house…they showed me a public square, which used to be a gathering point for political ranters and ravers. WHat did I see??? Children playing on swings, musicians playing trombones and harmonicas and makeshift drums, trees, happy people…I laughed, and thought more, as they watched me wait at a red light with no traffic to cross the road, asking me why i was waiting…yes yes…i thought…its Melbourne which seems more fascist for there are rules everywhere, for street artists, for crossing the damn road, for driving, for planting a tree, for changing your hard earned and purchased home, for traveling on public transport, which is a joke in comparison for the Moscow and ST P offerings not only run more efficiently, more cheaply, but are works of art…We have more rules to follow in Melbourne.

More rules means more to worry about, more push push push to be herded, to learn the script, to speak only in accepted lines….And my experience, finite as it assuredly is, leads to the conclusion that Russia is far more advanced in the main cities, people are more free. Yes, the other realms are lacking investment, and the capitalist model is leading to an ever widening gap between rich and poor…but i have my own measures, for ‘most liveable city’ and one of them is ‘how many people do I see truly, madly, deeply, in love? ANd Moscow, St Petersburg, Vilnius are massively superior to Melbourne in this measure…

Yes yes! I am spastic bambi, with appallingly hacked at top feathers and mangled snout! Yet still, my measure of a City is how many people I see truly in love, with eyes for only each other, beautifully cocooned in a Bliss born of their hearts, souls and flesh combining to find something gorgeous…

My aim was to ponder out loud this madness of millions believing in the RED TERROR…when I contest the following>>>


The EU report found that Russia had been provoked, innocent civilians bombed horridly, and finally Russia stepped in to say FUCK OFF. ENOUGH.


Was Russian for Aeons, then given to Ukraine, with the majority still Russian…in the late 20th century. Home of the Black Sea Fleet…25000 Russian troops legally homed there. ANd after the US funded coup., and attacks on russians encouraged, and directed, yes…Russia stepped in. Looking at Odessa…ethnic russians burnt alive, and the US fiends cuddling such neo nazi outfits as the Right Sector…so a referendum, to return to the land they were a part of for centuries…it was okay for Kosovo. It was okay for Scotland. But for ¬†Crimea? NO! RED ARMY ALERT…My own thoughts matter less than this>>>



This is the US wench for Eurasian affairs deciding the Ukranian government…adding in, FUCK THE EU…and yet most people assume Russia invaded Ukraine and stole Crimea?

You assume Russia invaded Ukraine and stole Crimea? ANd here is the US government deciding the Ukranian government whilst expressing their appreciation of the UK and EU as a whole as FUCK THE EU?…Yet you still think this was Russia?

Look at Libya…

Iraq was less lovely but still prosperous, superb health care, education, capacity to thrive…yet we bombed them, as we bombed Libya, and as for Syria….solely a lemming buys into the mainstream mantra and looks beyond their beloved Obama ‘we have launched 1000 air strikes…and ISIS have expanded by three times’…the Russians came in, enough was enough, and they started obliterating IS, whilst the Israelis supported them, armed them, healed them, as did the damn turks, until Russia warned Erdogan, of the uprising, funded by the US…echos of the 6 day war…yet it has been made clear, already seemed this way, to any logical analyst, that Israel were supporting IS and Nusra al-qaeda…

I am unsure whether to focus upon raging against the machine…or raging against the likely more serious threat to the survival of any and all species as the land, the planet where we dwell, the only true home we know…becomes so fucking toxic, that it cannot avert the exponential surge towards EXTREME…Its worth a wry chuckle, to conclude, I am more alert to environmental catastrophe than worried of nuclear apocalypse.

Maybe I should instead focus on using my words, growing my beard, buying some drainpipe jeans, and a copy of CUNT HIPSTER LEFTY MONThLY…and following the advice found therein?

The US war machine led by the Zionists…have destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria. and are now telling you we must destroy north korea…wake the fuck up.

I want to live in a world where I can judge the well being of cities on how many people I see so in love that nothing else matters…

Call me an anti semite…blah blah blah…the reality is I despise and hate any one like Benji…who preaches not just hate, but mass murder.,.,.

Seek and show love…thats my only motto.

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