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MH17 – All evidence points to US/Ukraine false flag operation

July 27, 2014

By this stage of the game we all should be acquainted with the MO of the US led mass propaganda machine. They lie on the grandest stage possible. Berate and Accuse their enemies. Ignore any criticism. Encourage rallying behind the flag. Produce zero real evidence to back up their claims. Then repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. […]

Obama - mass murderer

Russian Military Initial Report on MH17 attack

July 22, 2014

The Russian military have presented their initial leads in an investigation into the recent downing of MH17 which led to the slaughter of 290+ passengers aboard. As is now common knowledge, the civilian plane was shot down whilst travelling through Ukrainian air-space. Whilst the report lacked any semblance of showbiz, the diagrams appeared rudimentary to […]