Talk to me in smoke signals…rising and sending a message carried by the wind, from what you have burned.

I listen to and read every writer I can find who challenges me or feels of the blizzards and high tides, and what I am always seeking is some rare and precious poet who has his spirit, not just intellect, roaring as the howl of the wild. Saul Williams is totem of poetry to me. Sage Francis another. Eyedea…but POS. He is steady, unwavering fierce.


His poetry is the only possible prism of communication he hopes some of his outline of tribe will feel and respond to, his effort to connect, not the root…the root is a rabid rage.And the human in POS is focused on delivering this rage, this animal fang symphony distilled to find a sense of solidarity he doesnt think exists in the world he has been exiled into, but realises he is presently human, so will keep wailing in the wind, for anything less, is giving in to DRONE….and he is part of the thunder.

a human shaped force of nature.


demands incessant honesty. Of himself, and perhaps hopes for of others. Fuck the danger, as its all risk for any serious growth or gain or love.

We need to be around honest mirrors, seek humans who mean every single word they say…for all time. Else we can never know ourselves. And yet, in the modern discourse, where everyone consumes the screens, there is little room for anything but repeating the mantra prescription, flowing into us from every screen we are connected to from dusk till dawn, with only our dreams offering any respite and adventure into the primal wilderness where we all dwell in essence…

There is so little honesty left in humanity. Even the wannabe do-gooders are at least half owned by the same system they rage against and march against. It is too late for anything but an exodus towards nature aND THE WILDERNESS. this is where we need to meet. You and I.

its time to disengage from all screens, forge some channels of communication for those who have understood that any contribution to the mainstream is futile, and seeks some other path to a rebellion found in the mega wilderness possible here in Australia…its no promise of utopia. I mean to suggest a gathering point in nature for those who sincerely have had enough of the mainstream cuntery. Talk to me in smoke signals…rising and sending a message carried by the wind, from what and who you have burned.



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