There is a wondrous wilderness to nourish the senses beyond words

‘giving the knee’? Ranting at statues and raging ‘shame on you’? The newly found democratic anarchist republic of Spaz? All eyes on America, and then overlaying their manufactured ‘struggle’ onto our own lands…why the fuck would we be looking towards America for a guiding moonbeam or starlight to lead our path to a better world?  This is akin to looking to Nazi Germany for how to fight for equality…

There are of course, many wondrous americans, but their society is not something to use for a reference point, for anything but how we should be happy we dont live there.

I understand. Its the inner workings of the most powerful propaganda machine ever created, yet…the en masse collection and regurgitation of the red shite and blue mainstream mantra picked up by the many not connected to or living under such grisly society gone wrong and mong, holding up their placards written by lame US New York Swines CIa operatives, whilst ‘giving the knee’…The horror…Kurtz would give up on society and stick with his weird little kingdom in the jungle, seal it off to the worst of the West.

Yet its not all the West. Its mainly England following the US role model of appalling. Some half hearted Australian echoes. The germans know better, and they will crush the antifa scum through intelligence not brutalising and martydom.

And what of these Soros funded ‘protests’ and ‘autonomous states’ in the United Snakes of America?

I delve too deep into the lemmings of the left and right, all of them blinded to the SOURCE, which is one and the same. Where within this ‘movement’ is any single reference to the original owners of the land of what we call America? Where are the native indians?

The political spectrum is a construct of the same power core which those proudly on both sides of that spectrum rage against. Why do they not understand that right and wrong is all that matters, and fighting for equality, not left and right prescriptions.

Years ago a wise old chap who looked like SPlinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles was telling me, its all subliminal, its beyond your basic idea of words. I found this silly, as assumed the many were more capable of critical thinking. Now I know he was Right, for there is no other explanation for why hundreds, if not thousands, are kneeling now to apologise for being white, are raising their fists in solidarity as they join the chorus of SHAME ON YOU…

‘until insane became the norm’….Indeed.

The images beamed to us from America, are allowed and encouraged to abound and generate patterns of herd thinking, because the social media platforms staging this show, want you to be herded, as they are the shepherds. This is sanitised obedience to authority whilst promoting a fight for liberty. Its manufactured TRUTH with any other possible challenge to the narrative now deleted and removed by Harvard stamped fact checking industry poynter institute fuckery. Do you seriously accept the message you get from a system where all and any challenge/criticism to the narrative is deleted and you are grateful for some elite billion dollar corporate empire keeping you safe from the ‘fake news’?

Accept that humanity has gone mong. There is a wondrous wilderness to nourish the senses beyond words. Seek scenes where you have no need for words. Head to the hills and dance naked wild and free in the rain. head to the ocean, get rid of all human clinging and dive and swim and become one with the tides. Walk into the blizzards and admire how beautiful the white stuff covers and transforms all we have made ugly, into magical…Seek Nature. Lose ALL WORDS. Our species has said more than enough. Its high time we listened to the symphony of the tides and wind and gorged our senses in the full moon glare and rise in time with the waves. We dont need WORDS. They have long become a virus, so head to where human words, incessant and ever upon us from all angles, at all hours, always words words words…are vanquished, and replaced by the pound and howl and roar of all that is real and has been flowing since the Earth was born, long before we appeared…

Stop speaking in words. Learn from the trees and wombats and weasels to speak from beyond this manufactured virus of human gibberish promoted as FREEDOM. true liberty has no words, it just has feeling and experience and marvel and adventure.



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