The howl of the feral>>>>

By tdf, November 9, 2021

Where are the flames in the eyes?

the wild heat of passion making fanatics out of us?

The same zeal I sense of all non human creatures,

a true and all powerful seeking to survive and experience everything?

The PANDEMIC which has petered out,

yet still, we pay millions of our hard earned $$$$,

to continue the marketing campaign,

the promotion,

What kind of pandemic requires millions of $$$ to promote and persuade?

Yes yes, some nasty virus unleashed,

but the state and impossible to clearly delineate from the state corporate propaganda machine,

has magnified this for PROFIT and CONTROL.

Does it truly mean nothing to the many,

to learn that we find of the COVID era,

the largest ever transfer of WEALTH aND POWER,

from the masses to the corporate elite????

Biden YAY!

Trump BOOO!

This left v right parody pantomime,

is as appalling a testament to the hideous conviction that most of us are morons,

as the popularity of Kendrick Lama….

I cannot include his ‘music’ as its pure mong.

Suffice to present,

his lyrics praised and revered by MILLIONS>>>

Me and my niggas tryna get it, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Hit this house lick tell me is you with it, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Home invasion was persuasive (was persuasive, was persuasive)
From nine to five I know its vacant, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Dreams of living life like rappers do (like rappers do, like rappers do)
Back when condom wrappers wasn’t cool (they wasn’t cool, they wasn’t cool)
I fucked Sherane then went to tell my bros (tell my bros, tell my bros
Then Usher Raymond “Let it Burn” came on (“Let it Burn” came on, “Let it Burn” came on)
Hot sauce all in our Top Ramen, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Parked the car then we start rhyming, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
The only thing we had to free our mind (free our mind, free our mind)
Then freeze that verse when we see dollar signs (dollar signs, dollar signs)
You looking like an easy come up, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
A silver spoon I know you come from, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
And that’s a lifestyle that we never knew (we never knew, we never knew)
Go at a reverend for the revenue

This contemporary celebrity, widely acclaimed,

hero of our times?

for writing and finding ugly, hideous beats to meet,

‘Me and my boys were mooching around,

then we broke into someones house,

then i fucked sherene,

and went to tell my boys’

A species which finds value in this should be removed from this planet…sent to a penal colony on Mars,

Experiencing the other side of Elon Musk…

Or…at best…shown some proper hiphop>>

Anyone who fails to see the straight brutal line of mass slaughter across the planet,

sending warships and soldiers to Taiwan then suggesting CHina is interfering with foreign nations,

of surrounding Russia and Iran with mega missiles aimed at their capitals and blaming them as a threat,

of revering Greta knowing fuck all of Donzinger,

of buying into ANY prescription from the corporate state system…

is not of my heart mind or spirit.

my lost, scattered tribe.

And those, myself included,

who are aghast, but just getting on with it,

assuming all will be okay,

are more valued but still…lemmings.

If we cannot fight for those we pay to decimate,

bomb and maim,

then we must look at our little ones,

keep their eyes wide open,

take them to nature more than surround them with concrete and walls and screens,

find reason to fight, if not for ourselves in our prism of mass slaughter in exchange for the footy,

for the little ones we guide.


Obama is the nearest I have ever found of a true Grand Deceiver…

Lif was one of the very few not swayed by the flood of reverence and pride,

who questioned that swine,

who went on to become one of the most sociopathic genocidal maniacs of human history…

And yet…millions love the man.


it’s not part of an amusement park.

those birds, fish, animals on four and two and 8 legs…

We are closer to themĀ  in all that matters, than to facebook.

They are US.

We are THEM.

not screens,

not marketing,

not bombs destroying far flung people and lands we ignore.

The steady compromise,

long rehearsed and adhered to,

so many of us playing roles,

picking sides then finding spastic pride in megaphone ‘look at me!!!’ cunt-dogoodery.

to perpetuate our prescribed idea of OBEDIENCE masquerading and marketed as FREEDOM.


I urge all and myself to escape to the wilderness,

not because I find it an Eden,

just more vivid, real, amazing, real, primal…

What has to happen to make the many turn away from their phones and wake the fuck up?

Ignore the carnage we pay for?

Ignore the liberty we thought we had?

taken from us…without ay fists or fangs bared in defiance?

Condemn those who fight against this,

as wanting to infect us…

Smile and agree with the brutes in suits,

all will be okay eh!

Just follow the rules,

bow to scum,

watch the footy and have BBQs when we are told to!

I cant stand this much longer.

I am nearing the line where I cannot play obsequious to obvious scum….who present to me, and treat me worse than a wasp.

I cannot hear and see and feel Her then act as if all is jolly.

And Reverie represents millions….

We cling onto the ever narrowing blind frog march,

to have our wide screen TVs,

our ‘coffee dates’

blinding ourselves to the world burning everywhere else.

Which we are paying to set ablaze…

Or we wake up,

and learn to find ways to fight back,

to forge community,

to love each other and all creatures great and small (that dont want to eat us!!!)

to find marvel in the stars and moon and sun and blizzards and gales and wild waves crashing upon the land, demanded by the moon to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK,,,

to journey into the forest,

deep into the ocean,

shed clothes,

leave humanity behind…

see what, not who, you can become.







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