UtAH Saints and a Friend/….

By tdf, February 16, 2019

Too much focus on politics, on gender pronouns, on war, on material grabbing, on being Right…when we have such capacity, all of us, different capacity for different talents, or remote viewing, or poetry, or exploring, or composing music, or any number of beautiful and wonderful creative pursuits which help us to deeply, truly, fully, find a oneness with Nature and our uniqueness, that solidarity of knowing we have are an expression of the universe, peculiar in our intention of the universe whilst also being as much a part of everything as a snowflake in a blizzard, a rain drop in a storm…

We are bombarded with do goodery demands, forced to pick a side in a battle where nobody is really fighting when doing so makes us blind to the war that our overseers are fighting with our taxes and killing and maiming and plundering. Its neo imperialism with a new left looking edge of moral high groundery expressed on fuck book.


When I say Fuck the Identity Politics spastic effort to see yourself in the reflection of others as some dystopian warrior or warrioresss, I mean as part of this, that I encourage all to fuck who and what they want…Lets get past that. And try to find some sense of solidarity, for without this solidarity, we have just our flashes in the pan of any true spark and light of vitality, unless we are heading to communion with the Wilderness…The thing is, that too many truly well meaning folk exclude everything but their view. This is wrong. ANd prevailing. And is a mong wrong, for its becoming one with everything but their own egos gone berserk.

We have bigger issues to deal with, and all that is ben achieved is a diversion away from what truly matters, as in how we treat each other on basic terms, on how we treat the other species, on how we treat the planet…

Even the word dystopia…has been co-opted by the mong army. Such a beautiful and in most mythologies very feminine expression of chaos and creative birthing of the stars we all are just little versions…of everything which makes me feel like a happy snow flake in a blizzard when swimming naked in the full moon waves and been thrown hither, thither…The indoctrinated talk Dystopia when they mean herded, because it sounds cool…

I was happy Trump won over Hilary, so I must be a racist and a misogynist.

I find Peterson an ego mad warlock spouting a lot of logic, and so I must be an alt right deluded fascist.

I am hyper critical of the wannabe radical revolutionary left wing goon brigade so I must be a Hitler apologist.

I share videos mainly of those of a colour different to my own who roar my instincts in poetry and song, and so I must see my white man privilege english shame?

If I was King, of my motherland, I would roar a call to arms to gather an army and head to Israel to stop them abusing children for throwing stones at tanks as they crush their homes…so I must be an anti-semite.\?

We and I have bigger issues to ponder than whether I am a misogynist bigot nazi…and my issues are not to be polizarised by mainstream direction, they remain the same.

We need an overseer, but they must be questioned, and kept in check. This has now been lost, if it ever existed other than in ideals of others who thought similar, right or wrong. We need to be able to bring to account our overseers. And now we cannot. So we are directed to focus on bringing to account each other.

Do you not see this direction?

Maybe I am more mad tin hat conspiracy theory weasel than others realise, and I ponder now and then.

For when I say I dont trust the state or mass media, I mean it.

I do not mean I am critical of the establishment unless they tell me something I like.

I declare someone or some thing an Enemy.

And do not thereafter cherry pick.

for all its fruit is foul.



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