GemS iN tHE MeGARoUGH – Music WHiCH MOVES SomeTHing – between silliness and brutal profundity.

I rarely have chance to listen to music, but when I do, I seek always the sounds and words which move me in some meaningful way, for both good and ill, for a song might make me feel like I am living my life in a constant state of Camelot betrayal, or something more as positive as the chaotic beneficial roar of the tornados…It doesn’t matter which way you are moved, as long as you are moved, for only from challenges which cause a shift anywhere that matters, do we grow…and who wants to stand still and either accept the path towards demise, life to dust, or…assume a pinnacle has been reached, guru enlightenment bullshit routine…NO. Those of value keep swinging the fist and flying into battle all fangs and claws when pushed or through seeking what will cause them to react, or reveal itself as such a beautiful part of yourself found in another that the eyes see nothing, only the heart feels true and whole…

I suppose there is a tribe of the same, Demanding Truth and never anything less, who avoid the human hordes, and do not hide, just seek to avoid what causes them futile rage…I persist somewhere in the middle, but not Taoist, for I am too far gone into my own abyss, too long spent prancing naked in the New Moon tides, too drenched to the femurs from the rain, too deafened by the thunder, too blinded by its lightning, to seek any human guidance.

What is the value in accepting begrudgingly blind comfort for those of a sensitive nature who feel the wind more loudly and the tides more deeply than others of the same species???

Why place a blindfold over eyes that see plastic in the people and wake daily fraught with zeal born of and spilling over from the Eris anarchy of dreams and…looking upon the humans with one foot left in that realm, and finding nothing of the realm where chimeras and fawns and waterfalls gush, and Everything Feels More Real And Alive…Behave. Until the lights go out?

Dub FX moves me, he encourages me to prance in the garden with the headphones wrapped around my grizzled dome. To spread my wings of any shape or feel and fly naked, wild and free…Its those who revel in their liberty who cause always the most powerful effect deep within me. They never appear as if they are reproducing lines they have heard elsewhere. All that pours out feels pure, honest as waves crashing upon the shore….Barely a flicker of this still to be found mad glorious Honesty within the human horde.

The wild booms of Thunder and blinding flash of Lightning of an Honest soul surrounded by vicious killer Deceit merchants…Precious if they ever appear, and when they do, they must be headed to, lighthouse to your Life raft of twigs twined together with the hair slowly pulled from and found falling from your head…

Only from the honest can we learn anything of the world and of ourselves.And most honest folk are careful or well hidden.

He seems the same when speaking as he does when he roars and bounces upon wickedly converging beats…a well meaning mentalist. Yet on the decks he becomes sublime and on the mike he flits with the speed of a mad humming bird, between silliness and brutal profundity.

He really means what he says. And that is stardust to behold in anyone during these hideously surreal in smiling faces hollow words times.

I find the only honesty in everything but human, and when its transparency, of whatever we ever feel as the SOul that matters to me more than anything else…I seek to feel the rain more than hear human voices.

Xander makes gorgeous sounds and speaks a lot of wisdom always quickly moved onto wicked samples and beats, but his words then resonate.

Love everything you do, and do nothing halfheartedly
Be what you speak

If we can’t have trust, then you can’t hang with us…

And in this weird mass consumed prescription of pseudo weapons of morality on facebook flung as feminism, I am finding more leading figures of what I dont know but feel is the primal feminist—


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