Only tidal waves, plagues, earthquakes, meteor strikes have caused any seismic change…

By tdf, May 22, 2020

We live in a world ruled by tyranny.

Who are our governments? These people we now place our trust in to protect us, to crush our ability to prosper and leave us totally dependent on THEM?

They have overseen the destruction, dismemberment, maiming, mass murder torture and war profiteering of Syria, Libya, Iraq…as the most obvious in recent times. Millions of lives ruined or ended. And these are the people, the ‘leaders’ we now place our trust in?

That is too horrible to ponder.

Yet rather than move to something prescribed and safe,

as I am usually prone,

my realisation of the logic mind,

not the reptillian,

finds as the hopeful, more playful soundscape…the atoms family.

People are talking of smoothing out the curve,

Of how life will never be the same.

Our system has been long fuelled by mass carnage and destruction in foreign lands, I have written many times of how at some point, this must come home, its part of capitalism, and those ghouls who talk of marxists as a threat to society, generally speaking, know nothing of marxism, they know nothing of the old man with the beard’s concerns of capitalists owning the many and oppressing the many…in the name of the ideal of democracy.

The word Nazi is thrown around by those who are so blinkered by their own self righteous stance that they have to strike out in the most brutal accepted label of hideous they know. I am appalled but now less affected by Israelis using this slur when I am criticising their government. The non jews who use this slur…seem like ignorant scum. Yet both groups, anyone, who conflates my criticism of governments of Israel, of the motherland, of the US, with Nazism, is disgusting and misguided and controlled, more those who know me, for they know I would rather be gassed than be turning the taps at Auschwitz, they know I am against state ordained mass murder and a peculiar mangled fox of their tribe…

I find talk of a non violent path to a better world, a chance to realise the damage we are doing to the planet and each other, to start local community incentives which seek virtual, vapid caresses and offer zero of the fierce and feral and intelligent organising of tribe to begin working towards achieving this loveliness and hope…all over fuckbook. And I sigh and cringe, and know that the same, me included, without spouting this dogoodery, will assimilate to the return to normality.

Nobody I know is starting a revolution. I write of some brief squeal for such things, sporadically, but its an exercise in vanity and futility/// People do mean what they say, on a screen…but when push comes to shove, when the wind blows and looks for the howl of the wolves all ready to fight, protect their own,  rise up, hind legs, snouts to the thunder and as one with their rage for a better world with the lightning and tidal waves approaching of Nature, which has joined forces with all its little ones, and agreed, its time to cull the humans, those who have made communion with their kinfolk on four legs and with wings and with fins, will be less likely culled…the rest can be drowned as Noah finds his ARk and hopes for the best, when the rain the gales then sleet then blizzard then tsunamis come…

I dont want to mock those I know, even those who have come to hate me for the wrong reasons, who are doing a lot of good for the planet and trying to help and heal humanity and nourish beyond. I have only my own ranting, raging path trodden and still clear to read, as an example and if I can see myself sometimes, as a bigoted narrow minded prick, then it would be disastrous of me, an affront to any appreciated by even those who have come to despise me, if I condemned others for doing the same…which reminds me of a visit to the anarchist book fair many years back…my good chum, the Druid King was present with his stall, I was there with Lindy spindles, and the crowd with punk muscle and boys with ponytails so eager to enjoy the feral forests of the women celebrating men who accept some hollow mention of feminism…into a circle group, wicked talk, a fair few smarter than me, hugely more knowledgable, and the circle lowered in number but tightened…and i appreciated people talking of marxism I didnt know about…Lindy spindles had left…I got the chance to speak and focused on what two others had said before me/.///

‘that lady and that chap, what they expressed of widening the scope of who any semblance of a tribe to collect and gather will include…and…the acceptance that if that WE are to seek a lovelier, more just world, then they need savages to fight the savages…they need more of these savages than the love love love crowd…for the world is ruled by hateful sinister CEOs///…so if there is a serious WE, that chap, and this lady, are right…the WE needs to be less judgemental. Or their idea of WE is a vapid vein barely concealed ruse for caress of the ego…’

Know your limits and strengths and stick to them. Sing, rhyme, write, dance, be lovely and forgiving…and spread the best of you. Dont try spread example of anything perfect, unless you are ready to fight and die for it, and your idea of perfect is a better world for all creatures great and small…by fight? I mean fighting against the well armed, well trained, already aware of everything written online, well paid security services. This is not some QANON silliness. Its a conclusion that the system many are criticising on and carefully off a screen, has fangs and guns…Love and Peace does not stand up well against fangs and guns, in the history of mankind or all Nature. Only tidal waves, plagues, earthquakes, meteor strikes have caused any seismic change…

For those who want a better world, and yet are not ready to give up their most deep felt of heart connexions as the likely price of waging such a war, its still something positive to watch. enjoy, feel and share with others, Carl Sagan>>>

If…this resonates with something of your essence with more inspiration to seek your tribe of not dreamers, but spirit…you dont care of intellect, you just want a world where like the wolves, you move in packs, protect the elderly and weak, the tough ones at the front of the march, the weak in the middle, the true leader at the back…to ensure that not one of his tribe is ever left behind. He will fight to the death to demand this.

If you want to fight beyond the obsequious ranting on a PLATFORM where free speech is a puerile idealism as realistic as Santa Claus…then howl in the wild. I await your call, and will come with my wombat and moth army…and old fang hound zeal and words.



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