Where is the Resistance?

By tdf, May 15, 2020

For many moons I have been raging against the machine, in words shared with sometimes 20, sometimes thousands, always highlighting the lies, the brutality, the propaganda, the manufactured control of our system at large. The governments are owned by corporations yet masquerade as our leaders. The corporate media are bedfellows with the state media and are paid by the same crowds. The identity politics is a design of the same system to cultivate division man to man, woman to woman! And now Billy Boy Gates owns the BBC and CDC and Many other acronyms…blah blah blah…

One question prevails. How do we emerge from this intense trauma and lockdown and impoverishment of millions, towards any resemblance of what we knew as normal, for many years?

I hear and read well intended talk of a spiritual awakening which has apparently been growing of late, globally, and yet those who proclaim this, come across close to always as bigots, for to delve into what they really mean, leads to ‘you need to read this’ or ‘you are not aware’…its lame bigotry. Anyone who tells me I am not aware of myself is basically an annoying cunt. Its too common found with anyone who has read something of a so called expert then taken that on as their own stance. Doctrine creates bigots. The same crowd now talk of a global spiritual awakening…

I dont see or feel this. My stance remains>>>>

Any system of a distant echo of Peace cannot be achieved without mega, total unwavering  and ever present threat and meeting of VIOLENCE. that is the same understanding of our overseers. its the same understanding of the animal kingdom. The powerful will eat or subdue whatever is alive in their dominion. This idea of spiritual awakening, of some universal peace possible, is so obviously at odds with the reality and any base understanding of the animal kingdom, of the elements, that I find it brainwashing for anyone to buy into it…or even weaker than my own leaning towards cowardice.

a chap I remain connected to long distance wrote this earlier>>>

The way animals embrace nature is insane. Its really like.. they are meant to be there

the way birds dodges all the branches effortlessly while bursting through the sky….

English is his third tongue, yet he speaks more sense in my language than thousands of english speakers I know.

ANother, who has english as his third tongue>>>

If you require a connection to something greater you are weak and should not be telling others that they don’t know themselves.

They know themselves far better than anyone that follows a book or doctrine or ideology…

Its better than being numb.

We are facing an authoritarian new world. We will not be gathering in pubs and clubs and cafes and parks, we will not be touching, hugging, kissing, cuddling…until/ unless a vaccine is found and mass injected. How will we prove we have had the vaccination to a virus, corona, which has been long circulating and no pandemic, but now, its led to the crushing of the economy, the encouraged death of the sick and old, the move towards digitisation of humanity, the move towards social distancing, and more focus on screens, where the social gathering platforms are heavily moderated to ensure any chitchat meets the prescribed narrative…

I write of the prescription of HATE CHINA. CHINA IS THE ENEMY and add in the wars the West – which means our contribution,  -has waged to bring about the destruction of well functioning social systems, bombed to bloody fragments…ongoing warfare by US and UK that we pay for, death from the skies sold as ‘promoting democracy’…for fucks sake, what kind of idiot sees Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen as better off from our ‘spreading of democracy’? Only a vicious cunt or moron.

The worst of which is that when I make some attempt to delve, to suggest that hedge fund billionaires may have a skewed sense of delivering what you consider the news is met with ‘you hate us more than china?’….where is the soul and feeling and spirit?

im losing concern for my own sensibilities. I am more Johan Nagel and Razumov, my delusions of grandeur reach only to Pechorin. And I must avoid wasting energy on trying to explain to people that ‘news’ from hedge fund vulture capitalists, is poison and product, and to take it as truth and factual is too dumb and too lost  and no use, for it makes you more likely an enemy of my idea of liberty.

Most people I speak to, family, friends, acquaintances…have some steadfast focus on governments and a mass media that has long promoted mega massacre and carnage in foreign lands, as some form of spreading democracy. Kill thousands, ruin millions of lives, and give them this ‘democracy’ which we apparently have…

Ive long been ranting that when the profit margin found through massacring innocent lives in foreign states we are told we are saving from despotic regimes, is reducing, the same corporate cunts who own our governments, will have to turn on you and me, on their domestic market of slaves.

Its time to find communication channels beyond any internet or SMS coverage, its all recorded, and free speech is a fallacy in the West, fuck condemning the East, we live in the West and our freedom is now being CRUSHED in the name of what? Ensuring our well being?. The military is fighting the good cause with sock puppet trolls, as we are told the russians employ such cunning measures…And the russians eh! who have a drop in the ocean of the $6bn propaganda circus paid for by the US for their elections…but the Russians! The poor Skripals…who remain with no voice, no legal support, no liberty, due to fear of Russia? The UK government has them in prison. WHy?? SO scared of comrade Vlad eh???

We are facing a crushing of our liberty. Anyone who still wants any idea of freedom, or who has little ones they want to have adventure and the world to explore, needs to realise that what we knew has been sold off, and the new world is going to be, already is, corporate regimes as oppressive we have been told to think of CHina and Russia as, in our own lives…

Only advice is not to make community gardens, though they are lovely and wicked, some need to be prepared to stand up and fight…love and peace means fuck all to the sociopaths who rule us and tell us ‘the news’ and remove anything that doesnt fit their narrative.




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