we speak too much…

The biggest crime of our modern ways…?

Its not our major focus on virtual expressions of self on a screen,

or vanity,

or cowardice,

or moral high groundery ugly moralising ranting,

or driving,

or cycling with gopros looking for trouble,

or consumption of what deep down we know is manufactured control but take up as our cause celebre…


All of this is a reaction to the core crime.

Which is a disconnection from the WiIderness.

It is assuming we are somehow so different to the wind and the tides,

that we are elevated as some God like peak of the evolutionary curve…

The wind always sings me a new song.

It has no set plan,

and is far more powerful than any human.

The tides rise to their highest to reach out towards the mesmerising full revealing of the Moon,

and will never be owned and controlled by humanity.


We are part of these elements,

they flow through us,

and we speak too much and say too little.


Some people cannot help but become a vessel of the wilderness,

and they try to fit in shoe-horned among those huddling close projecting as confidently rising on the modern rungs of the ladder towards status.

yet fail over and over again,

for they have nothing but their nakedness and wildness to share…

but keep going.

Refusing to play tame and plastic when they are made of the blizzards and tidal waves,

just found in human form…

“our DNA is of Earth and SKy”

We should be on Venus by Now,

And well beyond…


With all our technical evolution and gadgets,

we focus more on killing each other and the planet where we dwell, our only known source of Life,

than voyaging into the unknown and astounding.


All of this may seem cynical,

yet I know of wild wolves shaped as Women,

of noble honey badgers outlined as men.

Some of them I have been fortunate enough to meet and know close enough to Love.

And I am convinced that its not the love from others which brings the greatest joy of our possible existence,

its the love we find for others…(and devotion to the wild within and without).


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