Women…We are Nothing without TheM. Everything with Them.

How many people do you meet who are as brilliantly peculiar as this lunatic elf?

It matters far less, her elfin loveliness and adorable otherworldly presence, than the fact that she is curious and different. To seek the same, always, in anything but heart and soul is weak…though understandable. It is stronger to seek the lunatic, of the same loveliness of heart and divinity of soul, who causes your compass to spin…deep down, at your very foundations, if not just your outlook, your feelings, your thoughts…

Women…We are Nothing without TheM. Everything with Them.

Only a Woman’s voice, soaking my ears with fondness, merely curious or more deeply devoted, can make the WOrld seem a better place.

We need their sparks to become aflame.

We need their hurricane roaring through us to truly breathe.

We need their batting lashes to remind us that Nature has provided everything we could ever need or desire.

We need them to demand of us our hearts when we have forgotten.


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