Enough of the high brow mong…

By tdf, October 26, 2021

Bob DOlan stirs me,

to ponder I need to be growing,

moving past whatever I have concluded as a cynical observer as much as brutally involved good corporate citizen with a rabid alter ego,>>>

I have not evolved for many moons.

I reached a point of understanding of humanity,

neither wise nor complete,

then headed into the ocean,

into the forest,

and as for Bob Dolan….

as much as he makes me bounce in reverence,

I am otherwise positioned,

for whilst I have this bizarre capacity to find both the mega proud LEFT and RIGHT,

consider, assume,

i am their ‘normy’ unable to find purchase between them and…

all those outside their group think cult fuck.

what they don’t get is that I heart emoji nothing which matters. but the wind on the ocean.

I bow to B. DOlan.

he fights the good fight.

and those beats…


His message is brutal, war, savage and too real for the herded many.







and now…we are told CHINA MUST BE STOPPED!

and the majority, fuck the Left or RIght,

those mongs who think by placing themselves on a make believe barometer of morality,

position them as instantly righteous.

ALL of those who consider themselves a part of the prescription of a MSM certified barometer of RIght V v Left,

are programmed by the system,

too amazed at their own lemming dive into ordained factions,

by the very system they suggest they oppose…

The only true war is Oppression v Liberty.

Is for Donziger, not troll prop for the blind moral do-goodery crowd GRETA…

Enough of humanity.

I have plumbed enough of their depths.

And my own.

To know in my femurs,

I am a more pleasant essence,

and happier,

when in the waves….

In the forest…

anywhere but amongst how he HUMAN SOCIETY IS EVOLVING,

‘the world is a trap as GOD is a CEO’....

dont listen to me, im a rabid unstable maniac just smart enough to remain under cover,

keep my snout above the slaughter line,

my essence howls evermore in how it feels every word, every breath,

of me playing along to the crowd.

For this essence,

the same appreciation of anything and everything I am perceives and wails in horror to know and become,

mangled out of shape from nature to societal obsequiousness.

Most humans I meet reveal the nature of wasps, toads, eels.

I am more a weasel.

COVID is not the advent of atrophy if this system we all buy into.

It as long coming.

As Lif concluded many years. back>>>

Remorse follows me
With his good friend, the threat of poverty

Here’s where I am, versus where I think I oughtta be
There’s a certain chance I’m a victim of circumstance
I take a look at myself and at first glance
I see who I recently thought to be me
Based on identities public and private

And then, a butterfly lands on my knee, then shoulder….

ladybugs abound to find safe, weird passage on my legs and arms when I forge bed of sand and hope to hear only the ocean,

which makes me yearn more for the wordless realm.

But I always have to go back there.

I have to go back here>

‘The man stutters and breathes improperly when he speaks. I can also see that he is quick tempered and subject to abrupt changes of mood. He easily passes from moments of gaiety to moments of dark reflection. He finds ridiculous traits in men and likes to make them the butt of his jests…. On occasion he carelessly slips into frankness. At other times he tries fo be secretive and cunning. he can be recklessly brave, but he can also shift within the moment to irresolution and cowardice. You must agree with me that with these characteristics he will not have an easy life, and will make many enemies!…But let him live his life!’ -Bulgakov



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