Hidden Gems in the Mega Rough – VIII Back and Forth

By tdf, March 24, 2015

too much whining and wailing and waiting, of late./..so, without further ado, Let me advise that you take an evening, to eat festively, smoke a joint or three, then sign yourself out from the world, don wicked earphones, and allow yourself to be the tide taken by the full moon of the following soundscape, carved with blood and heart and soul, by people who mean everything they do and say and write and sing…

Metermaids – Back and Forth Rap.

“I’M ALIVE” – Metermaids feat. Sage Francis & Prolyphic [official lyric video]

“CLARENCE CLEMONS” – Metermaids [official video]

sagE francis – the place she feared most

Sage Francis – Personal Journals

These two songs are strings in my volpino heart…which Sage plays, from his own emotive core…I meet Sage in these movements.

Sage Francis- Runaways

Sage Francis/Fort Minor – Slow Down Ghandhi/Where’d You Go

GET BETTER dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip

CREATIVE DIFFERENCES – Prolyphic & Buddy Peace

Sadistik ft. Eyedea & Lotte Kestner – CHEMICAL BURNS

Too many five faced snake-cunts seem on the rise and the biggest, most obvious Enemy we face, before we can begin to focus on the hell-storm and mass slaughter, which our governments are using are taxes to fund, then tell us ‘its okay, we are getting the bad guys!’…let us start, as we must, by cleaning up our own house, and we can all begin, by adopting a more honest, more open, more valuable stance, towards one and all. If we cannot trust those around us, our lives become painful, and muddled, so in the very least, let us ensure that the world can trust us…and if and when we come across obsequious, duplicitous scum, do not react, take a step back, try to make sense of their circus, then step back in, and…retreat any semblance of feeling, be polite. Let the rotten fruit die on the vine…Don’t pick it.

Mr Lif – I am Myself

Silent Poets – Get Ready (feat Ursula Rucker)

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