I miss my homeland…yet seek Saturn’s Rings.

By tdf, June 1, 2021

I miss my homeland. As have found only hints of tribe solidarity in other alien reams, to which I can relate to, but none of my wildness can abound. Which knows me as one of them.

And this wildness…

had been born of living in rough realms,

of learning to take broken fangs,

and keep quiet,

of nights spent hiding from hammers spoken with my name,

hoping the connections of the same realm do not learn of the cowering or see my chipped teeth…

for their response,

any chance to prove their brotherhood,

would and was always far worse…

Who cares for my yesteryear!

My making.

My Nurture harshly giving dark light to my leaves,

as the stem grew quietly relating to those who struggled and fought fang and claw…

All that matters is our shared NOW>>>

Where and WHo and What are we?>>>>\

The world is ablaze.

Fires long lit and now reaching towards inferno,

It is not covid which threatens our survival,

and more importantly the planet.


Many I admire for some show of empathy and intelligence beyond their snout,

who were so proud to share and ramble of homage to dear Greta,

how many of you are fighting for Donziger?

We are all fakes,

projecting outlines of how we want to be seen in line with social manufactured norms and realms,

railing against the corporate elite!

by sharing the message of the corporate elite…

too serious?

too intense?

I am bambi soft.

Flash flood rapids with any talk of EXISTENCE.

often wrong,

often mong,

but forlorn hopeful of finding some spark of vitality,

beyond the tides and wind,

in human form…

I will expand Blueprint’s words,

to mean…

‘ANY and ALL mainstream bullshit’

Guardian, BBC, Channel 7, SKy News (only the true brainless consume such drivel),

and ALL the corporate propaganda…


We have wider frontiers to ponder,

are too focused on humanity,

we should be gliding around our galaxy,

seeking communion with neptunian goddesses…

Why do we remain so fixated on ourselves?

when we have a universe to explore….

Humanity has long proven scourge for Earth.

Its time to seek a new home,

and hope for better when, and if, we get there…

I look at the starfish in the shallows.

and see spiral galaxies,

And whilst my poetic leaning makes me wish I was born many centuries ago,

my mind…

awareness taking in all of me and the world that I know,

wishes I was born 500 years in the future,

when humanity has stopped killing each other and the planet,

moved on to seeking the universe…

The logical next Frontier>>>>



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