I was raised by wild urban wolves…

I was raised by wild urban wolves,

who scared me as much as offered brutal example,

of loyalty,

an honour of the beasts.

And as I have grown and traveled and learned,

I sometimes look back and find their beastliness a mark of feral honour forged in my idea of Right and Wrong,

which is less than barely mimicked in everyone I have met since,

who project…

they fight the good fight,

yet to delve anywhere deeper than their topsoil…

they are frauds.


The wild ones I was adopted by,

who knew I was lacking in the ruggedness,

of crushing skulls,

breaking faces when needed,

but felt me as a little fox brother,

never said anything they didnt mean…

and it is this which marks them apart from close to all others since.

the main chap I was anything of close to,

whose intensity and leaning to fight wrong with his fists conjured in me always unreasonable fear,


he was always wicked towards me

likely would have killed to protect me.

and he meant every single word he spoke.

went to war for righteous, if sometimes muddled yet still eager for decent reason.

a hero of criminal thoughts,

and mega rough justice…

who i am glad to learn remains above the slaughter line,

and has conjured an army of little ones…

for the world needs more of the salt of the earth wild ones.

Less of the academically branded ugly tripe merchants…

Close to all of whom I have met since those hazardous days of a youth gone to chaos,

have appalled me,

have confirmed that education of the SYstem is ugly and wrong.

I prefer creatures of the wilderness….

I watched and observed,

kept quiet when I had to,

and came to learn that in many realms,

primal rules…

and that we are never far from the animals,

people just pretend they are civilised….killers.

And now,

I am seeking restraint,

when finding people I meet and like,

who attach to their virtual avatar,

the latest serving from facebook and the corporate/state propaganda MACHINE…


no you the fuck are not.


do you, really know what they are aiming for?

Do you know who is funding them?

Take this wannabe Public Enemy MArxist mega mong>>>

This just adds to my cynicism of the many who consider themselves fighting the good fight, by adopting what the mass media and fuckbook tells them to attach to their avatar as a badge of self righteousness.








I then got more cynical as my romantic enterprise tore more skin from my bones…







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