wild enough…

We are living in troubling times.

Everywhere I turn I find encouragement to reveal myself as a label mass promoted by ‘media platforms’ easily traced to corporate interests.

ANd I have to remind myself, to avoid playing that game, as in becoming a label, that I have long noticed and concluded that there is clearly at large,

a mass media brain washing routine designed to create DIVISION,

designed to make those who take their stance cues from the megaphone when they turn on their screens,

feel like they are RIght when those who follow the same spoon fed bullshit offer ‘likes’…

and everyone who doesnt hold their stance as WRONG…

Only a bigot believes its only their view that can be right,

and anything else is FASCISM or SNOWFLAKE.

My privileged connection to the street art scene,

the feral, often wondrous fiends who express their EVERYTHING in many forms,

in dance, in song, in painting, in statues, in verse,

brings me such huge joy…

it reminds me there is a realm beyond these labels.

I shake my head free of how deep I have sunk into the generally playful,

sometimes hideous,

ranting and raving against those dealing in social media terms….

for I have landed myself in a position,

where I can play the weasel man bridge within a corporation which will prevail,

to a realm of often comparably weird souls,

and am well paid to conjure methods of nourishment for those who are brave enough,

wild enough,

to perform on the streets,

share and express their everything…come hell or high water!

This track is special…for a chap who left his corporate job in the US,

headed to BErlin,

to try earn his daily bread from his art given to anyone passing by on the street.

one day,

found this LADY in a subway,

and the communion they found was magical…

Some of us need to be whipped into action,

given direction

for to stay quiet only leads to creating trauma to fill the gaps…

Some of us are as cursed as blessed with a wild spirit,

which seeks always the eye of the storm,

which seeks to ever feel ALIVE,

no comfort, only slow decay, in the shallows,

we are driven to THRIVE,

to lust, to love, to give, to want, to desire,

to lose, to find our ruin, to fall, to be crushed…

then to rise from our own ashes to fight another day,

to accept our dreams have become nightmares,

appreciate the agony which comes from chasing true bliss,

and fight another day,

for what matters most is the daily struggle for hope, for chasing dreams, for love…

ANd this believing, this capacity to give love and hope,

remains to me,

despite the agony and ruin it has caused me,

the richest of wine to be drunk…

beyond the nourishment of the wind and blizzards and high tides of the moon washing over and around and through me,

as I become a creature in mega marvel of the wilderness.

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