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Jeremy Corbyn is that most rare and precious of things in the political realm; a man of unerring integrity and honesty who has fought the good fight throughout his career. It is a testament to the british people that such an honourable, noble chap has found himself even in the running for the PM spot, regardless of what happens at the election and beyond. For labour and conservative have been churning out mercenaries for many moons.

The problem I find personally is that I very much respect and admire Corbyn, yet to maintain his leadership he has been forced to not exactly reverse, but accept otherwise, in regards to a few of his core beliefs. As I wrote in this somewhat outlandish design for rebellion –…

…in order to confront and redirect, if not challenge the system, we must first make use of the tools of the system. By which I mean, it is now impossible to change anything for the better, unless we can first produce and promote a leader capable of using the system against itself. Yet there are plenty of pitfalls, obstacles, observers. So far, Corbyn has come nowhere near proving what I consider the overt sell-out required to make it to the top.

Whilst the political systems in the West are generally enslaved to the mainly US based corporations and anglo-zionist powers, I believe that in England, perhaps the UK, there remains a slither of independence. And Power. Not just on the streets, but higher up. I might be dreaming, or offering a brief hint of hope in an hopeless world, but better that than nothing.

What most people fail to understand is that what they see as ‘leaders’ are more likely, in fact more assuredly, followers. They can spout whatever brilliant ideals when campaigning, then once in ‘power’ they instantly become sheep, political chattel for the truly evil forces running the show. And it is a show. A series of well scripted illusions…We are led to talk more of Trump’s handshakes and twitter feed than what the hell the Saudis are getting in return for $300bn…

Therein lies the sleight of hand which is most worrying.

However, I sincerely believe that Corbyn is not prone to such u-turns or an acceptance of promotion including betrayal of his own heart, for whilst he has been forced to make numerous concessions, this does not equate to selling his soul.

Regardless of my firm conviction that UK forces, mainly clandestine, rarely heard of, are at the top of the majority of evil causes on the planet. We – and I will use that term as I consider myself english, and they are my tribe – did not go from running the world to little old england. Far from it. The game merely changed in shape and visibility. It is much easier, for reasons I will not delve into presently, for the americans to see their soldiers torturing, raping, mass slaughtering and dancing in the blood of innocent people, than it is for the english to accept the same. Which does not suggest that the english forces, secret or otherwise are not culpable of the same atrocities globally. Far from it. They are simply more careful, more sensitive of a public which is the sole bastion of any semblance of minor to mass true opposition to the mechanism of power, mainly rooted in anglo zionist ideology and old and new money I simplify as Death Inc. The mass protest against War in Iraq…the BREXIT vote…and Corbyn. A spirit of righteousness remains loosely roaming the british psyche. This much is clear. How that can be nourished and blossomed or curtailed, is a massive question for not just the UK, but the world as a whole. Such remains the power exerted globally of the UK system. Indeed, financially speaking mainly London, yet it extends further than the big city.

Whereas the US recruits for the armed forces, the cannon fodder, from the poorest, most destitute areas, the Brits rely more on tradition, of following in the footsteps of familial lines, of fighting for King and Country, of Honour…This may seem like highfalutin hyperbole, yet it has more than a hint of truth and fact, which I know first hand from some I have been close to.

For those who believe that the UK is as under the thumb of the US as most if not all other so called, rightfully in many cases, vassal states, just look at the recent Manchester bombing…Who released the identity of the bomber first? The US. Who released information asserting that they told the UK security forces many months ago that the bomber was dangerous and planning a political assassination? The US.

The sole conclusion from this is that the US power structure, ruled close to entirely by the Zionists, has some enemies in the UK power structure.

Who gains from such reports? The US or the UK? It is an attack on the UK security forces. Probably designed to remind them of their place…Theresa May has nowt to say on this matter. I believe that Corbyn, as PM, would have something to say.

Yet back to the question…

Mother May began the snap election routine from a position of overwhelming superiority. Had the votes been cast the next day it would have been a landslide. It might still, yet many indications point to the longer the campaign progresses, the more debates, the greater the exposure of the two leading candidates, the more Corbyn gains, the more May loses.

Labour will likely lose, yet they will gain seats, many more than was hoped by May’s strategists when the decision was made to call the election, which only the mindless believe was her decision.

The key question will be…What happens next? Does Labour make use of the upsurge in power? By which, I mean, do enough of their party, of those especially against Corbyn, sense the possibility of change and offer him their allegiance? I would like to believe so, but can not. For whilst some of even his shadow cabinet, let alone the rest of the party, appear incompetent goons, they have enough instruction to place their own selfish desire to ‘succeed’ well before that of their leader, with the people a distant echo in their thoughts. A pipsqueak.

If Corbyn somehow finds himself PM, which is possible, though improbable, with much of his own party on record as against him, all of the opposition against him, and the overseers of the political system most definitely diametrically opposed to his core position of peace and justice, the very best we could hope for thereafter, would be a rebellion when he is blocked at every positive step, attacked incessantly by the media and political system. He would have to make a decision. Incite the rebellion or fall on his own sword.

I mangled some words from Dostoyevsky’s superb The Devils, with my own observations of May and Corbyn, during some recent interviews>>>

Profiling the Candidates – UK Elections – Corbyn and May – The Dissolute Fox

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