UK elections – Brief mutterings

I am proud of my tribe. They have continued the meaningful stab at the shoulder of the Elite, by forging a massive swing away from the conservatives, in favour of the most decent man to be found anywhere near real power in all of the Western realms.

The job is nowhere near done, but a major step has been taken. Next stab must be at the legs, then the heart.

I was carried away with the anti-Clinton routine, tried to look past Trump as an obvious cunt. Tried to believe he might unwittingly, out of hubris not good nature, slow down the Death Inc. war machine, and I was soon proven naive. I too easily removed myself from my own convictions. I can accept that, for I had assumed as much as hoped a vote against Clinton meant something, that it would slow down the TTIP and march towards global armageddon. A mistake. Nothing has changed in US policy, the march ┬áhas if anything quickened. Trump has no power. His position is ceremonial in reality, yet morphed into something else entirely by the mass media crowd of shit whisperers and pigfuckers, who make the Left feel superior to the Right feeling superior. Its a punch and judy show, clearly…yet still so many words are written, so many new sheep herded and find voice from elsewhere, presenting it as their own…Right wing nazi! Left wing snowflakes! You are stuck in a matrix! And I am outside the matrix! Herded morons, the damn lot of them.

Trump has gone on to prove he is nothing more, nothing less, than a minion of the vicious fiends running most of the planet, organising wars as they smoke the finest opiates, destroying economies and the scores of lives depending on that money system as they clink cocktail glasses on their super yachts…

Next was the french election. With Macron moved from relative obscurity to Leader. With people scaremongered against not Marine, who represented a strident anti establishment, pro workers rights, pro peace platform, but her father, a damn ghost…The french elected a rothschild banker, a puppet of the elite they proudly felt they were standing against, a man who has openly expressed desire to flood France with more mass immigration, refugees or otherwise, to drive down the price of labour to increase profits for the elite. Yes yes! Against the Fascists! Look at my red tattoos! We stand as one! Blah blah fucking blah…the problem with these anarchist wannabes is that their talk of the matrix, their talk of social conditioning, their talk of equality, and mong echo chambers, is hollow, is a label of cool, is a post to be shared on fuckbook in which they find value in the likes and shares…they check this as they go to work, for The Man. Or sell tea tree oil at festivals whilst surviving solely from scabbing off the system they otherwise ‘protest’ against. Lame fuckers, Left, Right and Centre.

The british, the english, my people…or rather, the realm where I have found the majority of those I know as tribe. Discounted en-masse by the morons. By the privileged spastics. The brexiteers branded as bigots and racists. Yet the reality is far removed which only those who have lived in England know about. ANd it appalls and angers me when I hear people speak of England with any semblance of authority, when they have never set foot in that realm…I may as well promote myself as a Somalian expert as I have read of Somalia, in snippets, now and then? I would never do so. I can point to my research into Russian politics, military endeavour, but when it comes to facing a Russian, who has lived there, been there, is from there, I bow down in respect, instantly and always. For ANYONE from a realm I speak of, inherently and obviously knows more than me of that realm.

We, the tribe I count as nearest to any slither of MY OWN, voted for Brexit when they were voting against the system. Yes there were some racists, some bigots, yet they were small fry. The general swell was for CHANGE.

ANd then Corbyn found himself riding that wave, his own party against him, but the PEOPLE, for him.

The massive swing towards Corbyn, has helped many a Labour MP retain or gain a seat in parliament. The people have spoken out against a government who do well for many, even some of my brethren, the message however remains clear.

And what I wish to note, more meaningfully than anything else written, danced upon this virtual niche in odd patterns, is the following>>:::>>>>

Jeremy Corbyn is a gentle soul, who has spent his life fighting for Peace and Social Justice. He is a man who would not put to the vote bombing another country, he would put to the vote, speaking to all parties or factions or groups involved in a horror show in foreign lands a million miles away. His stance is ‘these people are at war. Maybe they need some help. Not more bombs. There are enough bombs, there are too many┬ámass graves…and if I see two neighbours fighting, I see no value in asking those of another village who to bomb, I see the only value in speaking to both neighbours, in asking them of their stance, of their issue, and trying, if trying anything from outside that dispute, to forge discussion, to lessen the suffering of EVERYONE involved. So my question, this vote, is not to bomb, to maim, to kill, to add gold to the coffers of the those who deal in death, it is to give me a mandate to speak to the warring parties, on your behalf, and to try bring a peaceful resolution to their agony’.

This is a man who could change not just our own lives, but the lives of thousands, millions globally. And the manner in which the homeland tribe have asserted their eagerness to place country before self, Good before any selfish needs or desire, is welcome and worthy of commendation.

He is not a Macron or Trump, a design to call to vote the mongs. He is that most rare of things in politics; a thoroughly decent human being of unwavering integrity and wholesome goodness.

And it means something to me, that he has gained power, not yet taken power, but grown his support base, roused from its slumber the latent spirit of the English Tribe, who know right from mong. And are now finding the chance to support a potential leader who will not just question the mega funding and supply of death toys to the Saudis, he will stop this. He will openly confront the Zionists, and demand to know if we are causing more harm than good by supporting every kid they kill, every house they demolish, every gun they give to ISIS. In short, he will do Right. And so whatever can be done to pursue another election, which will bring him to power, must be fought for, fang and claw, if you have any regard for not just the world as a whole, but for your own children, for to accept the political system spurning a rebellious vote which is then put to a quick death, annexed as part of a speech ‘we know where we went wrong…we heard the criticism and will act on it’…NO NO NO…this is the first tentative, fragile step towards a better UK and a better world. Let us continue and complete the stride. Let us take to the streets. Let us demand a government and leader who supports peace over war and will do everything in his power, in our name, to prevent needless carnage to line the pockets of a crowd of despicable brutes…



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