Who are IS?

By tdf, September 5, 2014

isis It appears the IS, formerly ISIS, formerly an offshoot of Al-qaeda, turn out to be…Our boys! “The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way,”- Obama, 2011. “Assad’s days are numbered” Obama, 2012. Speaking at a press conference at the conclusion of the two-day conference, the prime minister said Assad had “blood on his hands” and insisted it was “unthinkable” the dictator could play any part in the nation’s future. – Cameron, 2013. 

Indeed, there are more of such quotes to share, but the general gist is clear. We were told that Assad was an evil dictator, has blood on his hands, slaughtering his own people and MUST BE STOPPED. To bring this regime change about we armed, funded, supported diplomatically and with strategic acumen; the so called rebels. When youtube videos began appearing of innocents having their hearts cut out, by the ‘rebels’ we were supporting, overtly and covertly, we turned the other cheek…

When we were told that Assad had invited UN chemical weapons inspectors into Damascus, then launched, the very next day, a brutal chemical attack slaying countless civilians, right next door to the UN chemical weapons inspectors, some turned the other cheek, some believed such lunatic asylum propaganda…I do not pity those who could belive such nonsense, I wish them a swift death or reprise from their dangerously blinkered ignorance. The same crowd no doubt believe that Putin ordered the destruction of MH17 and recently invaded Ukraine with 1000 troops!

The truth of such things is that it was the very regime the US and UK and other ‘allies’ placed into power in Ukraine who blew up that plane, ended the lives of hundreds of innocent lives, then blamed Russia…yet for even those who believed such horrid incitement towards WWIII, please stop a moment, please consider, WHO GAINS? Russia had nothing to gain, nothing at all. The proxy, US engineered Ukranian government had much to gain, if they could make the claim stick, but they couldn’t, which is why it has left the headlines…OUR LEADERS WERE COMPLICIT OR EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MH17.

That is what the Russian evidence suggested. With no showbiz, with no perfect teeth, with no mong mong mong appetizers. They simply had their top military generals explain their own evidence…there was no response from the US, the UK and others, who had immediately, within an hour of the atrocity, blamed Russia. Assad handed over all chemical weapons in his stockpile, the rebels were not even asked to do the same. He then held free elections earlier this year which won him 88.7% of the vote. Which seems overwhelming. However, the US government, the proven liars and warmongers time and time again, concluded that such an election held during a time of civil war could not be considered valid, yet at the very same time, they considered the elections held in war-torn Ukraine, fully valid…

So I return to the original question. Who are IS? The most obvious explanation appears to be…they are the ‘rebels’ we armed and funded and supported in Syria, to fight against the ‘evil dictator Assad’. Does it not seem odd that their first major advances and territorial victories, were found in Syria? That the two US journalists captured and beheaded on youtube were grabbed in ‘rebel held’ syrian territory? The UK, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar are directly responsible for the creation of IS. You need only to follow the money to understand this. The last three are major US allies. All evidence points to our own governments and their allies as the major backers, funders, supporters of what appears to be, on the surface of things, the most brutal recent addition to the global war on terrorism. 

So next time you see a masked ‘militant’ readying himself to behead a US journalist, take a moment to ponder, that your taxes have paid his wages…and probably continue to do so.




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