All dreams are True,

May 4, 2018

My barometer of poetic endeavour, the delving into the well of my own abyss and reporting every clawing of my talons as I crawl down then up, is…an elf stricken from her dimension into our realm, who has traveled far and wide seeking kinfolk, and now is to be found in her forest lair spouting┬áHACKCORE […]

GeMS In ThE MEga ROuGH : VOLume VXIXX Bruising MiCs

April 20, 2018

  Its been too much focus on war, war and more war…I have long neglected my eagerness, my obligation, to share with others a reminder of proper hippetyhop. Which is even more important in these ghoulish times of slimy mongs puffing joints and nodding their heads as their prime ‘appeal’…And so, without further ado, I […]

quantum love…

November 24, 2017

My focus has very much shifted of late. From the steady tidal wave of humanity destroying humanity, at many levels, not just governmental or big finance or the military industrial complex or the sinister, harrowingly powerful religious maniacs, but also on a level closer to our own lives, where the guided or merely trickle down […]

Ride the Wild SurF…Seek what makes you feel ALIVE.

September 14, 2017

I first came across Laird Hamilton when living in Brighton, as a 21 year old, in a cosy Hanover home, with a lively old skool skater hippetyhop emcee named Richy…he introduced me to many a fine sound, and we found kinship through skunk and muppet racemania, but the finest memory is one night, with the […]

SUndAY NiGHT PReparATions To ReTuRN To THe CItaDEl

July 16, 2017

We can seek and embrace the cynicism, we can accept the world is a horrible place and bear the same arms of those who find power and success, and use these weapons to seek the same ends. We can condone our species, our scourge of the Earth and beyond, for our emissions spread well beyond […]

The french without scarves are powerful souls…

July 13, 2017

I begin with the heaviest, absent of subtitles, yet they are not needed for the message is felt loud and proud in the femurs of all who could ever matter. And to add some context, for my views of the scarf wearing arrogant fop frogs… And with an awkward to some, but fine and perfect […]

fall asunder…then wake half baked, pondering my dreams…as meaningfully as if they occurred in my Wake

July 6, 2017

Something is changing within me. I am becoming more eager to focus and grasp towards the happy souls, and the echoes of their presence>>> Any human who can drink a glass or three of fine spirits, smoke a J, and feel comfortable, then listen to that song, no need to understand the words, its all […]

Profiling the Candidates – UK Elections – Corbyn and May

May 27, 2017

Theresa May She is a mature woman of about fifty seven, slightly above medium height, with rather short, thin grey hair and with a wispy, close to indiscernible, moustache and beard. She dresses decently, even fashionably for a woman of her station, but not particularly elegantly or with any semblance of femininity; at first glance […]

Gems In ThE MeGA RouGH – VoL VIIIIIIII tiMe KeePs On…SliPPing AwAy

November 24, 2016

Maturity brings a lessening of shuddering towards the perception of others of self. It brings an assurance, a knowing, of what I am, and who and what I Value, hold dear, seek and embrace with love…The idealist realist, prone to the effusive, unable to avoid baring my fangs at the conceit and duplicity of the […]

9/11 The spark that lit a million fires…

October 1, 2016

It is remarkable to ponder how much the world has changed since September 11th, 2001. The events of that fateful day were the catalyst for what has been branded the ‘war on terror’, yet feels and looks to the millions who have suffered as a ‘war OF terror’. Afghanistan was the first to feel the […]