82 million views.

I can concede that the beats and hooks are okay…but the words, the lyrics…

‘Me and my niggas tryna get it, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Hit this house lick tell me is you with it, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Home invasion was persuasive (was persuasive, was persuasive)
From nine to five I know its vacant, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Dreams of living life like rappers do (like rappers do, like rappers do)
Back when condom wrappers wasn’t cool (they wasn’t cool, they wasn’t cool)
I fucked Sherane then went to tell my bros (tell my bros, tell my bros
Then Usher Raymond “Let it Burn” came on (“Let it Burn” came on, “Let it Burn” came on)
Hot sauce all in our Top Ramen, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
Parked the car then we start rhyming, ya bish (ya bish, ya bish)
The only thing we had to free our mind (free our mind, free our mind)’

He is basically saying –

‘me and my mates broke into someones house,

we may have had to maim or kill the homeowner,

I thought the house was vacant 9-5…

then i fucked sherene,

and after we parked the car and started rhyming,

and i respect women, so say bish instead of bitch’

82 million views.

This moron is saying he robs people then fucks women, then calls them bish to be sweet…This is too far beyond my mind to understand why 82 million would watch this moronic bullshit and not 82 million viewers find him so mentally enfeebled, that he needs help, or to be ended, a mercy killing.. Yet the opposite abounds, for this Kendrik chap, is ‘celebrated’. I need no more more to understand I have long been trying to relate to the wrong species.

19k views for a proper poet. Who means everything, and doesnt speak spastic.

82000000 v 19000.

4315 v 1

On these odds, I need to meet 4314 people before I will find one with similar soul.

lets try something even worse…

This allegedly homosapien, though he seems a hybrid pack of skittles mixed with Kendrick Lamar, has 383 million views, and has made millions of $$$$$…What is he saying>?

Pop these niggas like a wheelie nigga, you a silly nigga
In the hood with them Billy niggas, and them Hoover niggas
You run up and they shooting niggas, we ain’t hooping nigga
Yo KB, you a loser nigga, up that Uzi nigga
On the stoop, crills in my drawers, your girl on my phone
She wanna fuck but keep her clothes on, I only want the jaw
Man, that’s really all I use her for, then I kick her out the door
I don’t want her, you can keep the whore, she fiending for some more
In New York my niggas don’t Milly Rock, my niggas money bop
Blow a case a nigga throwing shots, I run ’em off they block
Quarter milli in the stash box, I grinded for my spot
Niggas talking ’bout that cash but my bag worth a lot
I don’t fuck with no old hoes, only new hoes
Put my dick in her backbone, I pass her to my bro
I don’t love her that’s a sad hoe, she a bad hoe
I’mma fuck her then I dash home to the cash hoe

I’m on some rob a nigga shit, take a nigga bitch
Do the dash in the whip, count the cash in the whip
I pull up with a stick, I let that shit hit
Shout out… but I fucked that nigga bitch

What is he saying?

abusing the blacks, some woman wants to fuck him, who he doesnt want, then fucks, and tells her man, he doesnt want her, Ive got loads of money, so I put your woman onto my mates, after I fuck her, then im gonna rob some nigga, and someone has a problem, so I say, I fucked that nigga bitch??

Rightio…I will contrast that with one of my own tunes>>>

I dont need to offer the lyrics, for Gruff is very clear, and he speaks englush, as do all those featuring.

383000000 v 16000

24000 v 1

If youtube is any measure to go by, I seem to have somewhere between 4315- 24000 humans to meet, before I find one I might find some common ground with, musically.

Music means a lot to me.

These youtube contrasts suggest to me, the same horror of the many, staggeringly more than my own ideas and values and senses, are either marketed towards brain death, or…I should head to the wilderness and stay there, for I will find more kinship with the rain and wind than my own biological species.


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