Russian aggression?

Wherever I turn, when I stoop to delve into the offerings of the Main-stream media, I find anti- russian scaremongering prevalent. Whether its an official of the Shite House, or a French presidential candidate, or a member of the UK cabinet, the message is repeated and solid – WE MUST STOP RUSSIA.

But stop Russia doing what exactly?

Putin inherited a crumbling Russia, was forced to deal with, by which I mean, fight against legally, and perhaps through other means, the oligarchs who our Overseers in the West had supported in their efforts to destroy Russia. He has since nourished a sense of nationalistic pride and fervour, brought to loose definition of justice, those supported by the anglo zionist power structure, he has improved living standards, invested hugely in public services, he has dealt with staggering attacks on his position with calmness and authority, he has singularly averted the total destruction of Syria, avoiding the fate of Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Ukraine, and he has stood firm when demanded to bow, to cower, to accept his position as nominal spokesman of a servile state to anglo zionist global hegemony. And yet he is our greatest enemy?

He is an enemy of solely our overseers. Look at Alleppo. Putin’s method there was slow and careful. Street by street, open humanitarian corridors, even give the ‘rebels’ buses to move out, which the western and Zionist supported so called ‘rebels’ then bombed, yet he stuck to his policy, of wishing to do the utmost to avoid civilian massacres…And ponder this against MOSUL…which the US are bombing, to such degrees that many observers suggest another Dresden. Despite the Iraqis desiring humanitarian corridors, despite the russians suggesting the same, careful approach they adopted in Allepo. NO, our overseers, instead, carpet bomb…

Mosul is been bombed to the dark ages. It is an ever growing graveyard of rubble and dead children, courtesy of OUR GOVERNMENTS. Who gains from this? The bankers, and their slaves we call presidents and prime ministers.

Our governments, with our taxes, have destroyed Libya, continue to maim Yemen, have waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis of lies, have created, armed and defended ISIS in Syria and Iraq, have fucked up Ukraine, and you believe that not us, but the Russians are to blame?

This makes no sense, no matter how many times you find our newsreaders and politicians speak of RUSSIAN AGGRESSION…

Let us refer to an American Senator who has been to Syria>>>

No matter which way you look at Syria, ISIS and Nusra were crunching, medieval style, that country and culture, cutting throats, eating hearts, raping then killing women, stealing the oil to sell to our friends in Turkey and Israel, until…RUSSIAN AGGRESSION intervened. A very small force, with support from Iran and Hizbollah, who just happen to be of course, our enemies. It was this consortium which turned the tide in Syria. Yet many still see this same crowd as the scum of the earth, why? Because they are told this. Now who would be telling you that the crowd responsible for halting the destruction of yet another middle eastern country, are the scum of the earth? Only those eager for the carnage…Nothing else makes any sense.

And so onto Crimea. Which Vlad apparently ‘stole’. Well…there were already 25000 russian troops there, as it homes the Black Sea fleet. Nobody was killed. Not a shot was fired. And the referendum was legal and overwhelming in the majority, as attested to by many international observers. Crimea has since thrived, developed and avoided the fate of other regions who refused to accept the US supported neo nazis of the Kiev junta….The people of Crimea turned out to present a 86% vote count, which led to a huge 96% demand to return to Russia. With happenings in other majority ethnic russian areas of Ukraine resulting in the burning and lynching of all those who felt russian and rise of the far right, at the behest of the US, this result comes as no surprise…for why would the Crimeans want this>>>

It is our forces gathering on the borders of Russia. It is Russia leading the charge against ISIS in Syria and beyond. It was the Crimeans who desperately and overwhelmingly sought Russian protection. It was our forces which destroyed Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine and Syria. And yet Russia are the threat? Yes indeed, they are a threat to our forces and their proxies, such as ISIS…yet on that score, I nod my head in allegiance to the Russians.

Do you seriously buy into demonising the spearhead of the fight against ISIS? Which is none other than the same, as supporting ISIS. If so, believe in the MSM mantra…Yet know you are supporting the throat cutting, heart eating, rapist savages we are told we are fighting against…

Putin has revived his country, has intervened in Syria and led, yes led, the fight against ISIS, and accepted the plea of the Crimeans to avoid been burned alive. I salute him. And he continues to prove himself as the most capable and decent statesman on the planet….




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