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UN General Assembly – Vlad strikes back!

By tdf, October 5, 2015

obama devil

“We cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated,”

Said Obama, last week at the UN general assembly.

He was referring to Russia. Which may make sense to the mindless or those simply unaware of the facts. Yet to the rest of us, its heathen talk.

That snake devil fuck is the hype-man for a power mechanism controlled and directed by corporate interests which routinely, flagrantly violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other nations. Their rape, burn and pillage policy has set the world ablaze and will continue to do so until there is nothing else to enslave and destroy but us.

Who has gained? Cui Bono? From 9/11? When this quagmire shitfest of war and dissection of foreign nations began? Not the Afghans, nor the Iraqis, nor the Libyans, nor the Yemeni, nor the Syrians…Yet the US has directed and participated in invasions of all these countries since 9/11.

Let us begin with those hallowed twin towers…

Do you not find it strange that NOBODY took responsibility? That no culprits have been found? That is the major crux of justification of the ensuing War Of Terror unleashed on the world by the cuntbroth of hellish global power groups upon those areas where it can make more money, more profit; its a death cult, plain and simple. And it makes more sense to me that the same Death Cult who have gone onto rape, burn and pillage foreign lands, who have gained, were the most likely culprits of 9/11.

What does this mean to you? To ponder that the most likely perpetrators of 9/11 were our own governments in the West and their paymasters?


Osama Bin Laden not once accepted responsibility for 9/11. Not once. Nothing close to it. The Taliban, who are an offshoot of the muhajadeen which the Brits and Yanks sponsored, armed and assisted to continue a proxy war against the old foe, Russia, said to the US government…

‘yes, Osama may be here…we will hand him over, if you show us any proof of his involvement in the atrocities’.

The US responded…

‘We don’t need proof, we know we are right’

That is the justification we as the Western powers required to flagrantly violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan. A war we lost, yet much money has been made in minerals, and the supply of smack to the world has reached record levels. Under the guard of US troops of course. Trafficking has long been the bread and butter of the CIA and likely also MI5, MI6, MI-PIGFUCKER.

Saddam was next, another former ally like the Taliban. Call to armour, head to the hills, cook up the meth, Colin Powell for fucks sake say something! quick smart!. WMD WMD WMD. Never found. Never existed. Billions poured into another illegal dirty war leaving a sovereign state dismembered and mired in a blood bath which continues to this very day.

Libya? As with Saddam, for some the country was Hades, for many it was fine and dandy and functioning rather well, or very well, by Middle Eastern standards, yet no, he must be put down, he must be buggered with a rifle to death and his country destroyed. Great job there, on the basis of lies. Of accusations never proven.

Syria…’Popular uprising’ which involved snipers, mortars, grenades and then beheadings, cutting out and eating of hearts, chemical warfare…of a ‘moderate opposition’. How the fuck can such tactics be called ‘moderate’? Is Assad such a maniac that brutality is the only way to fight his lunacy? Probably not. As with Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan…these places were functioning societies before we invaded them, with our proxy ISIS and Al-Nusra and FSA armies. The Western press often miss the step of Assad studying to be an eye doctor in London, aiming to dedicate his life towards helping people regain their sight, before he became the brutal dictator we now MUST REMOVE AT ALL COSTS. Nonsense, plain fucking nonsense.

Hard to hit eh? In lengthy columns of Saudi supplied Toyotas slowly driving over wide open desert…

Look at a map. ISIS are supplied via Nato ally Turkey. Who just happens to want Assad OUT. How can an army of tens of thousands appear out of nowhere, armed to the teeth with modern weapons, with already in place supply routes? How can the ‘US led coalition’ drop 60000 bombs and yet ISIS expand by three times? No, the only people fighting ISIS and their other names, are the kurds, iraqis, hezbollah and Assad’s forces. And why would Assad have forces still, have survived this long, if he was hated by the people? Perhaps he isn’t and the overwhelming majority he won in the elections in 2014 lead onto the conclusion that in areas held by any other than the heart slicing, head cutting tyrants, Assad has huge support.

The Saudis, Israelis, Yanks, Brits, French, Jordanians, Bahrainis, Qataris and Turks are all behind ISIS. With support from the token gesture of Canada and Australia and other  US vassal state ‘governments’.

So during this period, who has Russia invaded?

The Ukranian leader had a choice to make. Dodgy bastard that he was. Yet who isn’t in such dark eastern european circles? Choose a new economic deal with Russia which will maintain and nourish the longstanding ties between the countries or go with the EU, behind which lie the IMF and the World Skank. He was told that to go with the EU offer would bankrupt his country, so he went with the Russians. And then…that same old tired routine of ‘popular uprising’, Western supported and Western armed milita, sniping policeman, ousting the elected government, an arab spring in Ukraine? Soon enough nazi hordes were burning ukranians alive, beating them to death, as their new leader was supping tea in the Shite House.

Crimea held a referendum. They voted to become part of Russia. To avoid the fate of Donbass. Russia have their Black Sea fleet stationed in Crimea, as they have been for many moons with the lease running for another 25 years. So when the natives asked Russia to help them, and not a shot was fired, that doesn’t constitute an invasion. Nor an annexing. I doubt Putin wanted Crimea. He already had it! Whereas for NATO, of course it would be useful to remove the major port of the Russian naval fleet! As it would be useful to be able to position more of their armies and missiles next to Russian borders.

Who gained from the ukranian hell broth? Not the ukranians, nor Russia. Only the enemies of Russia.

Who gained from the downing of MH17? The rebels? Russia? Not in the slightest. The only gain to be made in such a scene was by those who wanted to turn public opinion even further against Russia and the rebels. There was no evidence of Russian or even rebel involvement and how many people stopped to wonder ‘what could they possibly hope to achieve from such barbarity?’. Russia were not handing out bread and guns and bullets to the Ukranian uprising crowd in Maidan. Nor where they instantly placing their relatives on the boards of Ukranian energy companies in the aftermath of the initial onslaught…Nor were they burning ukranians alive whilst chanting Nazi anthems.





Putin’s address at the UN General Assembly was one of truth, one of reality, one in line with the original core values of the United Nations establishment after WWII.

He spoke of the ‘export of democratic revolutions’ and the chaos and bloodshed and destruction of nations that has followed. He asked those responsible ‘ Do you realise what you have done?’. He spoke of how others focus on the terrorism without any mention of the financing of terrorism. Concluding…’we can no longer tolerate the current state of things in the world’.

I agreed with his stance. Considering the discourse, he was basically saying…

The US and its partners/ vassal states have illegally invaded country after country, ruled with impunity and exceptionality, supported and created IS, waged a propaganda war against Russia and any other state which doesn’t suit its interests. And now, it must stop.

Putin is not a man of hollow words, soundbites, smiling for the camera…in fact the only time I have ever seen him smile during an official speech was when addressing the Russian people in his annual Presidential address and making a joke along the lines of…

‘as the old saying goes…there is something wrong when a Grandma has a cock!’

Which made no sense to me, caused no laughter in the assembled crowd, but dear Vlad chuckled! He wasn’t playing to the crowd. At least not in the Obama/Cameron/Harper/Hollande manner. He was not reading from a telecaster, brimming with affectation. That wouldn’t go down well with his people.

So what does Vlad mean…’we can no longer tolerate’?

It means Russia is now intervening in Syria. The plan had clearly been in place for many a month. Whilst the US and Israel and UK and France and Jordanians have been bombing in Syria with no permission, illegally, no invitation from the democratically elected President, and actually helping IS expand, Russia are following international law. They have been asked to help by Assad. And help they will.

Whilst Obama can talk of thousands of bombs dropped, sorties flown, yet we find IS expanding, improving, ever more well armed – which seems strange? – I doubt we will find the same effect with Russia’s efforts.

Typically, BEFORE a single Russian fighter jet took to the air, the Western mass propaganda machine was launching reports of ‘civilian casualties due to Russian strikes’. BEFORE take-off! hohoho!

john kerry IS/US spokesman

Kerry – ‘What do you not understand??? If you bomb IS, you actually strengthen IS, the only way we can succeed is to give them more weapons, more land, that is how we continue the War of Terror’

Obama, that goon jawed John Kerry and the rest of the vicious clique have been banging the drums of ‘If you bomb IS, you will make IS stronger’. Please take a moment to think about that message…Does this make any sense? Only in terms of the real message ‘If you attack IS, we will strengthen them against you and Assad’.

Russian Strategy begins with targeting al nusra…before focusing on IS forces in the East of Syria. An alliance has been arranged with Iran, Hizbollah, Syrian forces and whatever constitutes the iraqi army. It makes sense to assume that the peshmerga and PKK are also involved as Putin appears to be creating a coalition of everyone fighting against IS. Which makes perfect sense if the aim is to liquidate IS. And it also stands in stark contrast to the Grand Deceiver himself Obama’s coalition in support of IS, namely the Saudi regime, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, UK, France and of course Turkey.

The question I apply to the Death Cult of Obama and his pals must be applied here to Putin. Namely Cui Bono? Firstly there is the obvious issue of mercenaries returning from the battlefield to Russia to continue the fight in other ways. Secondly, and of far more importance is the fact that Russia has its ONLY naval base in the region situated in Tartus. This was a small, close to unmanned outfit until recent times, yet essentially the only point of maintenance and supply for Russian submarines in the Mediterranean. However, it is now expanding, with apparently 1700 military advisors sent there recently and work underway to equip the facility with the ability to service a wider range of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

The nuts and bolts of this move is to further equip the Syrians with military support as well as likely a long term goal of establishing more prominence in the region. To invade? Not a damn jot. To stem the move towards total US hegemony of the whole region? Without a doubt.

Other than which, Putin appears to be upholding international law, adding bite to the squeals for the cameras Obama crowd, and acting as the ONLY super power willing to confront and destroy IS and its other guises.

In other UN related news…

Faisal Trad…Torturer and executioner Monday to Friday, UN Human Rights chief on weekends?

Whilst the Saudi regime has one of the worst human rights records in contemporary history, its ambassador to Geneva, Faisal Trad, has been elected as Chair of the UN Human Rights council. Which gives one of the most brutal oppressors of human rights the ability to direct and choose who investigates and publishes reports of all areas of UN concern where people are mistreated! In the same week, those cheeky Saudis are moving towards not just beheading, but beheading then crucifying a chap found guilty at 17, of “taking part in anti-government protests, breaking alliance with the king, sedition, rioting and attacking security patrols in 2011.”. The Saudi regime, not only supports IS, AL nusra, supplied the vast majority of 9/11 ‘hijackers’ and has a hand in all extremist Sunni violence in the Middle East, they also treat women like chattel, routinely behead and crucify people and operate consistent public executions of ‘sorcerers’ and anyone accused of homosexuality.

To finish this epic, tangled mess…I turn to Benji Netanyahu. Whose efforts the UN General Assembly to revive that tired old fallacy of Iran wanting to destroy Israel descended to a 45 second glare at the audience, his gaze expressing contempt, suggesting we should all be ashamed of ourselves for failing to understand that a country who has not invaded anyone for decades, who has not once suggested destroying Israel, should be allowed to exist!

Oh Benji! What a weird and horrid creature you are! Dr Strangelove’s spastic nephew??You preside over the torture and life term imprisonment of children even accused of throwing rocks at tanks as they demolish their homes, coordinate slow genocide of the Palestinians, defend mass slaughter as ‘defensive’ and ‘your right’, steal more and more land, yet have the gall to speak to the world as if YOU are under attack.

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