bumble fluttering with petals for wings…

January 25, 2022

This period of bother, some have aghast, solemn expressed of the agony I must be experiencing and am, and of the fertile ground for torment I was never expecting, ill prepared for, which I should be writing plumbing depths, and offering reflection. I prefer to reveal the reaction to the snippets of pain I never […]

dumas - black tulip

Alexandre Dumas – The Black Tulip

January 7, 2022

When fumbling through the ancient first english editions of many Balzac offerings in my haul recently, I came across this quaint little obscure Dumas novel and wondered when I had bought it, and also why I had not ever heard of it before. Must have been swept up in that hysteria which consumed me after […]

The howl of the feral>>>>

November 9, 2021

Where are the flames in the eyes? the wild heat of passion making fanatics out of us? The same zeal I sense of all non human creatures, a true and all powerful seeking to survive and experience everything? The PANDEMIC which has petered out, yet still, we pay millions of our hard earned $$$$, to […]

A soft candlelight in the darkness I have become…which I want to keep close.

November 5, 2021

Humanity is generally awful. My own included as I tend to become honest and the same brimming with self recrimination chameleon, yet nonetheless, respond to intense horror, and blossom ugly into something responsive of all around me. my sensitivity more a curse than any semblance of a blessing. Still… I am aware that my expectations […]

Enough of the high brow mong…

October 26, 2021

Bob DOlan stirs me, to ponder I need to be growing, moving past whatever I have concluded as a cynical observer as much as brutally involved good corporate citizen with a rabid alter ego,>>> I have not evolved for many moons. I reached a point of understanding of humanity, neither wise nor complete, then headed […]

HeroES of Our MangLED TiMEs—MR LIF

October 12, 2021

Mr Lif was one of so very few who stood firm, applied the same appraisal to Obama, as he had to all who came before him. and found him no different from Bush, in some way even worse… given Obama was marketed as HOPE, a back man winning the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! A NEW DAWN. […]

GemS In The MEga ROuGH – CIse STar – A serpent in the RainBoW

October 1, 2021

Cise Star is the most beautiful soul I have felt but never been close to. He is not solely honest as the leaves and branches, but a powerful poem of the forest… an essence of the wilderness>>> From showing his mad devotion of too many animals to list, his SUn Star ANd Moon passion personified […]

Obama was the closest we have found to a Grand Deceiver…

September 28, 2021

I met  a german couple, well…half of the couple, when mooching around the baltics a couple of years back…I was rather nonplussed to find my rabid confronting of the ‘free walking tour’ lady mumbling vague jokes aboyt Putin and in love with Obama, though it was oddly met by the bright eyed Lady with maniac […]

im a selfish murderer right wing trump supporter….

September 21, 2021

Strangers and friends alike are writing to tell me, im a selfish murderer right wing trump supporter, asking me to avoid having children. because I mention when asked, I have not yet had the vaccine. These people are insane. And absurd. I understand they are under pressure.   Told from every angle that anyone who […]

I’m a cynical bastard (gems in the mega rough VOl-XIVIXIIII) – Immaculate hate on the front lines of these perilous times…

September 14, 2021

I am by every measure a heretic, would have been burned alive in many long gone eras, even now, in many countries, not just were I in  Kabul, but were i spouting my rambling ANTI EMPIRE ROUTINE, in WAshinghton, or London, or Melbourne… I fight to make any semblance of kinship count in the wakefulness. […]